Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Jacob seen the low vision doctor on Friday. He had a really good appointment. I was told when he was1st seen there that he was so farsighted that he could not focus on anything. His last follow showed that his eyes had improved by about 40% and they cut his prescription almost in half. This appointment (about 5 months later...I think) I told the doctor I had not put the glasses on him in over a month because he cried and scratched his face up until he could get them off. It appeared to me that this prescriptions was no good for him and that he seen better without his glasses. He checked his eyes and HE AGREED. He says that this time his eye sight has improved another 50% from the last appointment. He said that he is still slightly farsighted, but no enough to need correction with glasses. SO NO MORE GLASSES FOR JACOB!

I was worried that they would take vision therapy from us...but the therapist seems to think we are okay. Even though the low vision doctor does not seem to think that Jacob has cortical visual impairment....I have the doctor that has been following him since the NICU that says he does...so if anything I have that on my side. I like the vision therapy...it is very similar to occupational therapy and she brings toys with switches that are very easy for him to operate.

Jacob has surgery tomorrow. We have to be there at 530 in the morning unless they call and tell us something different. I hope by having his tonsils and adenoids removed his overall health will start to improve. Hopefully he will be able to BREATH without difficulty again and start swallowing! Please keep us in your prayers. I will update everyone tomorrow on how the surgery goes.

On a side noted I have called Depart of Children and Family reguarding Jacob's medicaid status ATEAST 400 times...and this is no joke and have yet to get ahold of these people in the last 2 weeks. Any suggestions outside of all the evil thoughts in my head. :-) I can't even access the stuff online...keeps telling me the info is not correct and now that is locked out too. :-( My van is fixed :-) $350 later now just have to go get it from Groveland.


  1. The best way to get anything done is to just go there in person and speak to someone that way they can't give you the run around on the phone. which is SO much fun...not.

  2. Will be thinking about you and Jacob tomorrow, we also have surgert tomorrow at 5.30 am, SKye is having a bronchoscopy (again) to see of we can get rid of the thrach (again)!! Good luck