Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Triplets!

2 years ago today I lay in bed at Winnie Palmer Hospital waiting for the doctors to come in and tell me what was next. Logan's heart rate had dropped several times over night requiring me to have to wear oxygen. I remember being worried about the boys growth and Logan not having any fluid. They had a 2 week growth scan the day before and I remember ranting in a blog about why they needed to deliver them because they would be "safer" out than in because of the twin to twin transfusion. Boy was I wrong!

I was 9 weeks pregnant here. This was the day we had our "unofficial" ultrasound done. This was the day I found out there were in fact 3 not 2. Ha ha I called Jack and told him and he did not believe me. Looking back at this ultrasound picture brings back so many memories, hopes, and dreams that partly disappeared 3 days before my boys left the hospital (when I found out Jacob's MRI results, and on January 30th when Logan left this earth.

This was the big day!!!

Baby C: Andrew William 2lbs 8oz 15.5 inches long

Andrew William over 27lbs and 34 inches tall. Happy Birthday Big Boy! He was totally cheesing and posing for the camera this morning  LOL

Baby B: Jacob Ryan 2lbs 7oz 15.5 inches
Jacob Ryan just over 27lbs and 34 inches tall

Baby A: Logan Christopher 1lb 14oz 13 inches long

This was taken 1/22/11 8 days before he died.

Today we have a big party planned. Not sure how many people are coming, but usually it is ALOT. I'm actually worried to many people may show up. LOL I will post about their party later. 2 years ago today I would have never guessed that I would be minus 1 child and have my daily routine revolving around a feeding pump, countless medications, therapist, and doctors appointments. I love all my babies so much and we continue to move on making the best of each day God gives us. Happy Birthday Logan, Jacob, and Andrew.

Logan's Birthday Present...I like it so much I kinda don't wanna give it to his grave...maybe I will only leave it for a few days.

Andrew and Jacob's Birthday Shirts

The back of the boys shirts

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  1. wow i really admire your strength losing a child is very painful and you take it in the right way now is with god with no more pain is happy and always will be in your heart your kids are beautiful and your baby Jacob is such an angel is so lovely you're doing so great God is always right next to you blessings...