Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To the doctor we go in the AM

This has NOT been the most pleasant of weeks. Jacob is still really sick. I have seen no improvement since Sunday. He goes up and down on his restorations. His lungs sound like crap all the time. He is literally foaming at the mouth. He is horribly congested and is sneezing out lots of nasty snot! He has kept a fever on and off and he has a barking horrible non-productive cough. It hurts to see him like this. I am so very very very very very very tired of the nonstop illness of the babies in my house! I must say on a positive note, even though he is still vomiting he has not been vomiting as much as he normally does, and when he does it is not entire feeds. He still has the occasional lets vomit across the room out of our nose and mouth moments, but they are not every day now. He has gagged a lot today like he wanted to vomit and swallowed it back and he did manage to get a small amount out today, but over all it has been a good vomit day and a very bad cough day. He has coughed so much my lungs hurt!

Andrew is also sick, but it is just the runny nose kinda sick. He actually has green nasty snot. Jacob's is white just in case you really wanted to know. He has a cough to, but nothing like Jacobs. Taking them both to the doctor to have Jacob's follow up from the ER (actually really hoping they don't try to admit him. He has required breathing treatments every 2-4 hours today) I think he just needs another round of steroids. I want to make sure Andrew doesn't have an ear infection too. Andrew got his 1st hair cut yesterday. We shaved his head bald with the hopes his hair will grow in better. He totally hated it. I still need to get around to posting pictures of everything!

Neither baby is doing anything new. Jacob still really enjoys his new annoy noise toy. It only half works because he decided to vomit in it on Monday. Andrew is making no attempt to stand or walk this week. He won't even walk with his little gold special needs walker. :-( Jacob has just been to miserable to even work with. Not even sure if we will make it to his conductive education therapy in Orlando on Friday.

We have been down 1 computer for well over 2 months now. It still works, but if you move it at all it turns off. Andrew knocked on the floor and it stopped functioning correctly. :-( So, I have been searching all over for a cheaper computer. The one that broke was actually quite expensive. :-( Though I do not need i5 processor and massive amounts of memory, ram doesn't mean I don't want it. I'm not even a gamer! Anyways I went from having a 17.3 inch screen to testing out a netbook. LMBO What a joke! I bought a little HP Mini today because they were cheap and I am tired of sharing Jack's computer. He has little hissy fit when I am on his computer. Needless to say tiny 10.1 inch screens and mini keyboards are just not for me. The entire operating system ran like dial up and when you were on the Internet and tried to type something it would take forever for it to appear. It would be a great kid computer and definitely an okay travel computer since that is what is meant for, but definitely not a Jennifer is sitting on her butt shopping online and blogging computer.  So back to Target it will go tomorrow and I will continue to be a good girl and share a laptop with Jack.

I'm a little worried about the new plants! We finished the landscaping on Monday. We have been good plant owners and we have watered them everyday, but so far the bouganvilla has lost 98% of its flowers and some leaves. It starting to look really sick, and the garlic grass is turning brown on parts of it. Everything else seems to be holding strong. I hope out bouganvilla bounces back that is one expensive ass plant to die!

So everyone on FB has already had the pleasure of reading Ava's comment of the day, but here it goes again. I have not put away laundry in a VERY long time. Ava went in my room to find her "pile of cloths" comes out in her underwear screaming "Where are all the girl cloths and the sister cloths?" I told her they were in her drawers..she looks at me wit ha look of disgust, says "ugh!" and stomps aways like I did something horrible by actually putting her cloths away. I must mention after she was easily able to find new cloths to wear she told me "Thank you mama for putting my undies and dresses away." BTW in Ava language everything you wear is a dress.

Ava continues asking questions with 2 options. For example she has a maraca tonight and she asks me what was inside of it that makes noise. I tell her they are beans. She then asks several minutes later....she was thinking about it pretty hard. "Are they magic beans or regular beans." I tell her regular beans then she looks disappointed. "Oh." I wonder what goes though this kid's head sometimes. She does this all day long. "Where are we going after school" Me: "I dunno" Ava: "Are we going to backyard adventure or the park" When we visit Logan's grave she asks me "Are we going to visit the Hospital Logan or the Flower Logan" This is how she associates when he was alive she remembers him in the hospital...and every time we pass WPH she still asks to go see him. She knows he is in Heaven, but she does not understand where Heaven is...because she also still refers to the cemetery as God. The flower Logan is his headstone..because when we go we change his flowers and she picks up all the other flowers that have fallen out of their holders and puts them back.

and the final Ava comment of the day...this melts my heart. We were on our way to Sonny's for my sister's birthday lunch. She blurts out of know where "Dear God, God is great. God is good. Thank you for my food. Thank you for purses. Amen You can eat now." We were not even at the restaurant yet...I guess she was getting prayers for food and purses out of the way so she could get down to business once she got her food. LOL

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