Sunday, March 6, 2011

month hospital visit

Well, Jacob woke up Saturday morning with his lungs sounding pretty nasty. He was retracting, nasal flaring, etc...I had Jack giving him breathing treatments before I left for work that morning. He had also been running a low grade fever for 3 days. I made an appointment for him to be seen at his MD's office. This landed him admitted at LRMC. They tested him for the usual stuff...RSV, Step. All negative. His tonsils are huge. He needed oxygen yesterday and this morning, but is doing good off oxygen now. He has vomited quite a bit, but what is new :-/. We seen the GI doc on Thursday....nothing new there they still want to wait on the nissen....they want to know what the ENT doc is going to do about the congestion and enlarged tonsils 1st. So, I sit here another night with Jacob in the hospital and wait for a doctor to make up their mind.
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