Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jacob is in a good mood

So, I don't "dislike"Jack today. We have had a pretty good day with minimal fighting. He let me buy all the landscaping for the front of our house today (this is where the minimal fighting came in) The nursery just delivered all the plants. I am so excited it is going to look so much better when we have them all planted tomorrow! I am excited to get started. I hope we can keep them alive since they cost a small fortune to buy!

Jacob has been doing a little better. He is in a very good mood and no vomiting...yet :-/ today. The vision therapist brought out a toy that make loud annoy noises and he absolutely loves it. It is sensitive enough that anytime he touches it, it makes a noise. He laughs and smiles every time it goes off. He is able to sit in his chair and make it go off by himself. When I laid him down in his bed earlier I put it near his hands so he could play with it. I think it is his new favorite toy. He has been "talking" a lot. He been making lots of baby talk and has hardly cried at all. Maybe tomorrow I will have some pictures of the new landscaping and a video of Jacob playing with his toy and talking :-)

Andrew still refuses to walk. Ava still refuses to learn to count of do her ABC's :-( In due time...

Jacob says nayh nayh nayh I guess that is night night is Jacob language.

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