Thursday, March 24, 2011

The boys' 1st Disney Trip

Jack and I took the boys to Disney for the 1st time yesterday. We went to Epcot. They were okay for the 1st few hours. They cried for HOURS after that. Jack wanted to stay till the park closed to see the show...we attempted this, but it was so crowded that it was hard to see anything. I just wanted to leave and I knew we were going to be stuck at the monorail line FOREVER if we did not get to the exit before it was over. So we left and still ended up waiting a good 30 minutes before we got on the monorail to get back to the car.

The boys did get to go on a few things with us, not sure what it is called, but the ride through the past and future in the big Epcot ball was their 1st ride. That was the 1st time I have been on that too. Then they sat through Captain EO with Michael Jackson in it. Andrew was very bad and stole the 3D glasses. At this point he was screaming at us if we attempted to take anything away from him. We did finally get them away and back to where they belonged. Jack and Ava went on the Figment ride and Ava and I went on the Finding Nemo ride. We ate at the cafe that had Kim Possible stuff in it. Outside of the crying it was a good day.
This 1st Disney trip with all 3 made us think that we needed a stroller to take to places like that, that all 3 can ride in. So a fellow triplet mom had a Joovy Big Caboose for sale. We met her husband today and bought it from her. We tested it out around the block tonight. It is definitely no Baby Jogger City Mini like I have, but it will do the job. It hardly fits in my van. We did not think we were going to be able to get it, but I finally found a way to wedge the thing between the slide door and the seats. It is kinda hard to steer, but I have yet to find a triple tandem stroller that isn't. We had a Peg Pergo double at one point that was just as hard to steer. LOL this will make my 8th stroller I have owned in the last 4 years and the 5th since having the babies.

The stroller reviews:
1. Ava has had an Evenflo stroller that went with her 1st infant carrier..hated it.

2. Then we got the Britax stroller that she used until the babies were born....thought I loved it.

3. Then the 1st stroller we got for the boys was the Peg Pergo double...hated all the pieces.

4. We had another triplet mom give us a quad stroller. It was okay for holding 4 kids. Very heavy and hardly fit in the van.

5. Bought the Triplet Baby Trend stroller when we thought Logan was coming home....never really used it and when Logan died I could not stand looking at it, so I donated it. Plus the seats had issues couldn't make them come out of the reclining position, but apparently someone at the place I donated it to knew how to fix it.

6. Bought a cheap single stroller from Toys R Us when Jacob was going to sucked

7. Bought the Baby Jogger City Mini double stroller the beginning of last year. It was my income tax splurge. THE BEST MONEY I HAVE EVERY SPENT ON A STROLLER! I love that thing. It folds so easy. Turns corners at the drop of a dime. Easy to push. Not that heavy. Only gripes are the seats don't sit up as much as I would like, and the fact that you have to spend a fortune to buy all the extras for them...which I have not done. I bought the cup holder thing, which I love.

8. The Joovy Big Caboose Triple Tandem stroller. Has 2 full size seats with cup holders and a sit or stand 3rd seat for a bigger kid. It is horrible to turn and hurts your arms to push. Definitely does not push as easy or as smoothly as the Baby Jogger. Maybe it is because it is used...oh well it will do the job for parks, walks around the neighbor hood, and theme parks...definitely not daily use.

I have had 10 or 11 strollers if I include the cheap umbrella strollers can't remember if I had 2 or 3...these were the last minute buys when you realized you left home without a stroller and really needed one LOL

On to the next subject....continuing to knock on wood....Jacob is on day 3 with no vomiting. I started him on over the counter allergy medication 2 days ago now...I think. Seems like he is less congested and has not coughed as much. Once again though he is still being weaned off a steroid and just finished a 10 day course of antibiotics, so who know what is actually helping. He also has started the Erythromycin today in a low dose. I have to give it 30 minutes before he eats 4 times a day to see if the "side effects" of the medication will help with the gastric emptying of his stomach since he cannot take Reglan or any of the other medications that are usually used for gastroparesis. Hoping and trying to have a little faith that maybe this last ditch effort of medications will save my baby from needing any major surgeries.

We are still trying E-STEM with speech therapy trying to stimulate Jacob's muscle in his throat so that we may get him to swallow he could possibly eat some solid foods again. Trying not to loose hope.

Last, but not least...I am going to update on my friend Christine since she apparently does not have time to update her blog with all her "resting" :-P I seen her a few days can definately tell she has been on steroids a while...she has the "moon face." I'm such a mean friend I still had to make fun of her about it. Her cheeks stick out farther than her mouth. Better have a big fat face and be alive though. :-D Love you Chris!! She told me she feels like the pressure in her head is worse. She has had to take more pain pills now than she did last month. The left side of her face has been numb for awhile, since before the brain biopsy. Now the numbness is spreading across her mouth.  She is said she has a lot o nausea. She is dizzy all the time and has a hard time standing without holding something. She said she feels weak and the pressure and pain stop her from doing the things she wants to do.

She still has no income and they are still waiting on SSI. She said June maybe? If anyone else knows how to do this SSI I think to make it faster let me know...I thought there were ways to get emergency help??? They have been short on $ for everything they need for themselves and their children. They have been living and getting by with only the money and supplies given from online donations, friends, and family. THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONATED THROUGH PAYPAL! SHE GETS EVERY PENNY AS SOON AS I CAN GET IT TO HER!!! Her dad tried to set up transport via medicaid to take her to Tampa, but a 10 minute appointment left her stuck waiting and traveling for 12 hours. I say we leave that transportaion until she don't have another choice. Her dad set it up trying to save money. If I have to drag all 3 of my kids with me I WILL take her to every appointment I possibly can!

There have been some issues going on at home, but I will leave that part of her business to her. Just pray for her please! She said she enjoyed helping cut things up for dinner (daddy wouldn't let her play with knives for awhile). Her and her husband got to enjoying making dinner for the 1st time in a while. The kids need things to do outside. They spend most of the day outside due to her dad's wife working from home. Looking for anyone local that may have something they don't use anymore that can be played with outside. Also they can use, cloths, gas cards, gifts cards, toilet paper, hand soap, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, heck any kinda soap...shampoo etc, toothpaste, dental is the simple things you use everyday that you don't think about. It sucks though when you don't have it or anyway to buy it for yourself.

I have been taking care of her cell phone bill and I paid her car insurance for a month so her licenses would not get suspended. I think they are 3 months behind on their car payment now. :-(  It is the only form of independent transportation they have, except for no gas. :-( She has boostmobile so even those kinda gift cards will help. I know a cell phone does not sound like a NEED, but it is the only thing she has that is personal and it is HERS! It is her connection to the outside world. To friends, family, doctors, SSI business, etc. She sent off for I guess a free goverment phone that gets like 200 minutes a month or something, but hell sitting on hold you can use that up in a few days Grr! Hopefully she will start getting some kind of funds in so they will be doing better, but until then I am asking all my friends for ANYTHING you can do to help. I'm going broke over here! Disclaimer...she may hurt me for telling her business, but that's okay :-)

P.S. one day I still hope to get her to Disney, I guess she found a thing that can give her a free disney vacation or something she has to send in an essay. I think she is working on that, but I still have some strings pulled to get her in as soon as she feels up to it :-)

Andrew was holding Jacob's hand saying "Tickle, tickle, tickle" and Jacob was laughing.

Andrew's 1st chicken wing today

Ava playing at the park on Tuesday

The boys in the van today on our way to The End Zone for dinner with friends.

Disney on Wednesday. Andrew holding the stolen 3D glasses. They were very cranky at this moment!

The boys at the park on Tuesday

Swinging together <3

Jacob loved this swing!

A stock photo of the new stroller

shoving the stroller in the only spot in the van I could fit it.

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