Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looking up

Things have been a little better since my last post. I had a REALLY GOOD Saturday. I must say it was one of the best days I have had emotionally in a long time. Nothing spectacular happened, just different. It was the 1st day I had off on a Saturday that was not accompanied by a hospital visit. Jack and I were up bright and early and prepared for a yard sale. I must say it was quite successful. We got rid of about 90% of the stuff that cluttered our garage!

We also taught Ava about getting rid of things she no longer needed. She sold 2 tricycles, a ride on push toy thing, and a few other small toys. She made $28.50. She is excited to go to the store to get new "girl toys" now.

Jacob had one of those really good mornings. He stood in his walker for a long time with good head control. The physical therapist had a pretty good session with him. I also sent in all the measurements and pictures to start the processes of having Jacob's Charley Wrap made. (http://www.charleywrap.com/) I am very excited to see if this helps him!

Andrew STOOD by himself for a good 10 seconds today. LOL then he fell down because I was freaking out that he was standing unassisted! He is "walking" on his knees. He has decided that standing and walking is better than crawling. So he kinda hopes and scoots along on his knees. I'm hoping this is a sign he will actually stand up and walk soon!

Asking for prayer for my friend Christine. She reports that the numbness on her face is spreading and the pressure in her head is getting worse. She is also having some other domestic issues that could use some resolutions. She starts her 2nd month of Chemo next week.

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  1. Hi jennifer. I just became a member of a TTTS support group and a TTTS grief group on Facebook.i would really like to invite you to join us. i have been following your blog for a while. do you have an email address I could email you the information!! it has been so helpful to me, maybe it would help you too. -