Monday, January 31, 2011

We are home!

Yesterday was okay. It was VERY stressful and not just because it was "that day." :-/ Andrew and Ava woke up in evil, crazy, whiny kid mode yesterday morning. I got them fed and ready for church and then I went and picked Jack up from the hospital and took him home to get ready for church. A big THANK YOU to Jack's dad Jerry. We totally ditched him with Jacob for almost 7 hours! He volunteered though :-) Anyways, we got to church. Our pastor Adam called us in front of the church and told everyone about Logan. Then he mentioned to the church how he is trying to find people to get corporation to donate to a nonprofit the $30,000 needed for a hyperbaric chamber that could help Jacob and other local children in need. He said by this time next year he would like to see this happen. I will pray about it and we will see. :-) The kids stayed with us because they are still a little sickie. They were horrible! Just horrible!!! Ava screamed for coffee about 1000x times. Andrew just screamed. Jack had to stand outside the doors with Andrew after about 20 minutes. Then Ava came back and sat with me. 10 minutes later this is what she decided to say very loudly (because she had to go to the bathroom) "MOMMY I HAVE SOMETHING IN MY GYNNIE!" When I realized what she was saying I covered her mouth. She said it several times. I hope no one heard her announcing she had something in her gynnie in the middle of church. :-/ LOL We ended up leaving church a few minutes early because the kids continued to have complete breakdowns. From there we stopped by Publix and picked up some fresh flowers for Logan's grave. We went to his grave and cleaned his headstone and put the flowers out for him. From there we went to a Chinese buffet. It was so NASTY! We stopped back by the house to pick up some stuff for the kids and then finally relieve Jack's dad. :-) All 3 kids cried for a few hours after we got there and I think hmmm around 6 the babies went to sleep. Well Andrew did, Jacob just stopped crying. Ava continued to be bad. It was great having all the visitors that came to see Jacob. It made the time pass quickly. Thank to every who came for a visit. Thanks again Adam for breakfast.

We found out yesterday that Jacob DID have RSV. Apparently the nurse who told us the result was negative was wrong. He made it all night last night with no oxygen so he got to come home today. I spent the entire day cleaning. Finally got about 80% of the laundry done and PUT AWAY this his not happened in many months. I cleaned Ava landfill! It took me 4 hours. I moved her long dresser to her closet to make more room for her toys. I threw away 2 bags of junk. She was asleep. I call her into the room when I am done..she had just woke up. I am all excited for her to she her room organized and cloths actually hanging in the closet and this is what I get "MOMMY! Why did you touch my stuff. You need to put my dressers back that one goes here and this one goes there. I don't like that one in the closet. and this (referring to her zue zue  pet cage thing that could not sit on the floor before because there was not where to put it) goes on my bed!" So I say, "you don't like it. " She say "NO PUT IT BACK!" with her arms crossed. What a bratty like ungrateful troll! I leave the room and continue putting cloths away. I come back in her room with more cloths and she had pulled all her cloths off the hangers and pulled her shoes off the shelf .It was all laying in a pile on the floor. I took all I had not to beat her. Then she decided to play in her room since she could actually find her toys. What a brat...she never did tell me thank you. Well my entire body hurts now and I have a long day tomorrow. Therapy starts back up for the boys they had none since last Monday and Jacob sees the pulmonologist at 230. We are also suppose to be getting home suctioning...thought they were suppose to come today, but they didn't. He did have 1 vomiting episode shortly after he came home. He is set on a continuous feed at 40cc an hour. The Ph Prob has been rescheduled to next Monday.

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