Friday, January 28, 2011

Urgent: Prayers Needed for Jacob!!!!

So Jacob has been sick for over 3 months now....Andrew got a cold about a week ago...needless to say Jacob caught he is 2x sicker than his normal sickness. We have been giving him his normal meds, breathing treatments, steam baths etc... Yesterday he was not able to hold food down at all. He was put on a 24 hour feed last night...he coughed and had a hard time breathing all night. He still vomited even at 15 cc an hour. This morning his breathing was pretty bad. He was crying like he was in horrible pain. We gave him breathing treatments and then he vomited again. We called the doctor and got an appointment at 11:45 this morning. She seen him and said his lungs were as tight as she had ever heard them. He had 3 breathing treatments and a steroid shot. We were direct admitted to the pediatric floor at LRMC. We initially thought we would just be there over night, but when they hooked him up to the Pulse Ox his sats were running around 90-92% His admission is for Reactive Airway exaserbation, possible pneumonia and to rule out RSV, Flu, Rhino Virus.

Fast forward to tonight. He has been having some desats down into the 70's mainly when he is sleeping and when he goes into hard coughing fits. No cause for the desats. I was told his lungs looked okay and that there was no change from his last x-ray months ago. That was per a nurse and not a doctor and nurses are not allowed to tell you things.. He still has not been able to hold any food down. There has been some dry blood clots coming up into his g-tube when he is coughing. He is pretty dehydrated right now too.

They called the MD and there was talk of transferring him out to St. Pete or Tampa. Jack said he is dropping his sats into the 80's right now and they just stopped his feeds for tonight. For some reason he has not been put on oxygen yet. I will keep everyone posted when I know more in the AM.


  1. Oh poor Jacob! :-/ I'll be praying for him!!! Take care!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying!!!! <3