Friday, January 7, 2011

Bye Bye IUD

Went to the hospital at 6am. Was in the operating room at 8...and left the hospital at 11:45. WOW I was impressed. Everything went so smooth. I asked the doctor in recovery where the IUD was embedded and he told me once he dilated the cervix he pulled on it and it just came out in 1 piece. So apparently it was just stuck at the top of the cervix and not embedded. WTF! He also did a D and C because of the abnormal bleeding I had been having all year. Pain was not so bad, by the evening it was gone. Instead my entire body ached and my throat hurt from being intubated. Dang I can only imagine how Logan felt being intubated all those neck, back and chest still hurt. I believe I caught a nasty little virus as well. At first I thought the dry cough was just from the sore throat it has turned into full on cold symptoms. I have went months without catching anyone's cooties. Everyone at work has been sick over that past few weeks...I always make a big deal out of it, because I don't like working with sick people. NOW IT IS MY TURN TO DRAG MY BUTT IN THERE ON SUNDAY AND SPREAD MY GERMS muahhhhhahhhahaha

We missed Jacob's pulmonology appointment today, but I did accomplish ordering him new glasses. His has been lost for over 2 weeks now.

Did I mention that Andrew can now drink from a straw. It is so cute!

Jacob has made it an entire day without vomiting. Woo Hoo. Oh and we discovered he is allergic to oatmeal! Who knew? He went to get his synergis shot on Wednesday, but broke out in hives at the doctors maybe Monday we will go back and get it.

He is suppose to see the GI doctor on Tuesday...they told me they planned on admitting him after they seen him. I am not going to let them. My parents are in town until Wednesday/Thursday. I don't know I guess it all depends on what they say. I switched to mixing rice in with his food now and that seems to have helped. He is not coughing this week that is why the vomiting has been less...definitely now cure....I'm sure as soon as he catches this nasty virus I have he will be puking all over the place again.

I go for follow up in 2 weeks from the IUD I have to decide on what birth control to try next.....

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