Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jacob is getting better

Jacob is still in the hospital. They have been giving him medication to bring down his congestion and it has worked well. He can now breath through his nose again. He is still wild and won't sleep much, but that is because he thinks he is superman just like Logan did when he was on all the steroids and nebs. He has been on a 1/2 liter of oxygen via nasal cannula when he is asleep because his oxygen levels drops to the mid 80's. They told me he is fine as long as he is above 90. I find this weird because as I recall per NICU rules babies that were over 40 weeks were suppose to be above 94-95%, but I could be wrong.... All I know is he is around 94-95% when he is awake..which is an improvement from when he came in. He was at 90-92%. When he was asleep today he actually required 1 liter of oxygen instead on 1/2. I don't know if this was just because he was resting better or what. It is stressing me out a little. He has NEVER required oxygen that I can remember during any of his sickies since he left the NICU. Why now? My nerves must really be getting tested. As I have mentioned before, this is the weekend Logan died last year and to see his identical twin now admitted to the hospital for "respiratory distress" is killing me. I know logically Jacob is not going to just suddenly die. I took this weekend off work to make it special. I took it off to remember Logan and do something fun as a family. I never thought in a million years I would be sitting in another hospital with his brother. Anyways, He is still wheezing, but overall doing a little better. Thank You for all your prayers concerning my family. Tomorrow will be a day to celebrate Logan because he lived, not to mourn that he is not with us. I wrote a blog that will post at 8am  tomorrow. I worked on it on and off for a few days. Please take the time to read it. Thank You for taking the time to remember my brave little boys.

I also wanted to update on my friend Christine. She is in the process of packing her stuff and moving to Florida. She should be here by Monday. She is picking her life up and moving to have treatment in Tampa because they are one of the top cancer centers. Still no results on if it is cancer. All we know is their is a golf ball size tumor growing from her brain stem. She is on steroids and an array of other medications to keep brain swelling down etc. She reports that she is doing better. Oh and I must mention that she said I portrayed her as a bad person. :-) I must correct myself. She said I told about the person she used to be and not the person she is today. She is a wonderful mother and wife. She has supported and goes the extra mile for her family. She is not one who likes to sit back and let others doing things for her. She is strong willed and always finds away to get things done on her own. She is a wonderful strong person who has changed her life around to raise her children.

Oh and I was also going to report how well Jacob was doing on his feeds. We had him at a full feed at 45cc and hour over 24 hours which would be right where they wanted him. He had some coughing and hacking today and I was quite impressed that he had very little over it come up. Jack just called and said he had 2 full blown let me empty my stomach on you vomiting episodes back to back. I was excited that the new "trial" formula was going to be THE ONE, but apparently it is not :-( He was trialing Vital Jr.

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