Sunday, January 16, 2011

What the Heck!

I just thought I would document my sister's babysitting report from today. She calls me at work and tells me that Andrew not only stood on his own, but took a few steps by himself today! He only did this for a few seconds. He stood a few seconds without holding anything for me on Friday night too. WTH he crawled for her 1st too! I don't think he is anywhere near independently walking on his own, but hey it's still a 1st. :-)

Now the question of the day...Why the heck does my 3 year old daughter think it is okay to kiss little boys on the lips? So when my sister 1st told me that Ava was in trouble for kissing Caleb (Caleb is my sister's best friend's son. He is 5) I was like okay why is she in trouble for that. Then she proceeds to continue on that she has had to separate them because she caught them locking lips several times today. She said that they informed her that they were married and it was okay for a husband and wife to kiss. They were apparently referring to each other as Honey and Dear all day long, holding hands, sitting and laying next to each other, and of course KISSING!. I tell her when I get there that she can only kiss Caleb on the cheek and that she is not big enough to kiss boys on the lips or be married. She proceeds to tell me that she is big enough, that she is "taller" and that Caleb's cheeks are dirty so she has to kiss his mouth! Then she tells me she is his wife. Oh my....if she is doing this at 3...what is she going to be like when she is a teenager?!?!?! We ended our conversation with me telling her that she can't kiss anyone on the lips because it will make her sick and give her a tummy ache...sometimes lying that she will become deathly ill is the only way to get her to see things my way. I tell her all the time that if she does not keep her car seat chest buckle together that her head will fall off. She is pretty convinced that this is true.....but now she tells me it is okay as long as she "hangs on" LOL

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