Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wow it has been a great couple of days :-)

After a horrible weekend at work. I spent Monday just relaxing. Our tire went flat on the van on Friday. Jack went to put the spare on and it was flat too. So, we did go out on Monday and got the tire fixed and got some Sonny's To Go. Then we went home and watched movies. We watched the last Shrek movie and Flipped. What a great day it was . We really needed a day of nothing. Today we had to get down to business. I finally tackled my nasty kitchen. An over filled dishwasher and 3 sink fulls of hand washed dishes later....the cabinets finally have dishes again. Then I tackled the pantry. We seriously had 8 boxes of open cereal in there. All in all we I had 3 garbage bags full of crap to take out of the kitchen...I can honestly say I think that was the worse I had ever allowed my kitchen to get. New Years resolution #1: To keep up with the house work this year. Maybe next week we will finally get the rest of the Christmas stuff down. I told Ava we had to take the Christmas Tree down and she freaked out and started I decided to leave it up another week for her.

I have a few more "goals" for this year: 2. to organize and declutter the house 3. to paint FINALLY 4. to stick to a healthier diet and 5. Just maybe if all the stars are aligned and it is God's will we want to attempt to have another child later this year. I know most people reading this thinks we are out of our mind, but oh well it our life not yours and I vow this year I am going to keep my business my business. :-)

I think Jacob is finally on the mend after over a month of being ill. He is still a little stuffy and coughs. His last major vomiting was Sunday night. We have made it 48 hours nearly vomit free. I was feeding him earlier and I put a tiny amount of baby food on his tongue and he chocked an gagged on it till he had a small amount of spit up, but not the usually emptying of the entire stomach content. The experiment I am trying right now is mixing baby food and oatmeal together with whole milk or pediasure 3 times a day and pushing it with a 60cc syringe through his g-tube...I hope I don't clog it. So far so good. I give him between 2-4 oz of a thicker texture food. then I mix a little more oatmeal in with the rest of his pedisure and run it through his tube on a pump over 2 hours. It seems to be controlling his reflux a lot better. I did do this on Saturday night and he puked all over the place, but I think I over fed him. Since he has been getting more "real food" he seems happier. He is not arching and crying all day. When he is sitting up he is not refluxing and swallowing his food back down. I've tried this before and got away from it..this time I am trying to make it more routine. He is adjusting to his new medication better as well. I don't think the doses are just right yet, but I do think he is better than he was before the new neurologist. I don't notice the absent stares and twitching as much.

Tomorrow is Surgery Eve. My wonderful sister whom is always there for me will have my kids tomorrow night. While I get up bright and early Thursday morning. I have to be at the hospital at 6am. I'm not sure of the exact time of the procedure. All I know is I hope they are able to get the stupid IUD out with cutting me. Hopefully all will go well so I can take Ava to he friend Josh's Birthday party at her favorite place on Earth Backyard Adventures. Then Saturday I have the day off to go to my friend's triplets 1st Birthday Party. Oh Jacob sees Dr. Gondor Friday morning and Andrew has his 1st physical therapy session in the morning at 8:30 seeing that it is 2:13 am right now I should go to bed.

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