Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wow! It has been a ROUGH couple of days!!!!!

1st thanks Jill and her family for taking care of Ava and Andrew while we are stuck in hospital hell. Jacob was not allowed to eat for over 30 hours when he had the peg placed. Well we were at 30 hours by the time the doctor said he could eat. He has scream and arched in pain since the procedure was done. The day shift nurse today  was not very prompt. I was told he could eat at 630 I called her in just after 7 to get the crap they are making me feed him Pediasure. So she leaves the room and says she is going to get it. 2 HOURS LATER after putting on the call light several times. She brings it in. He ate the 100cc he was allowed. He also kicked his IV out and I told the nurse and she disappeared for 10 minutes while his foot was bleeding. I had another nurse come in the room and had her fix it. Any ways none of that is really important the point being is Jacob is miserable and I am having a really hard time handling it. Esp after the IV was kicked out they said they were not replacing it and then he was only allowed to have regular Tylenol. This does nothing for  his pain. He screamed for hours and was inconsolable. From no sleep and a very stressful night sleep and morning. I finally had s major anxiety attack. When I get these they put me out a while. I decided to take a shower to calm down. I apparently hyperventilated passed out or whatever while sitting there. All I remember as sitting down because I was very dizzy. Next thing I knew I woke up feeling a little disoriented to where I was for a few minutes. I stood up and every muscle in my body hurt. I continue to feel weak and dizzy when I sat up. Jack was very good to me today. I slept and took 3 dose of Tylenol thought the day, but every time I stood up I felt like I had been hit by a car. On top of that my throat started swell and hurt last night. So I was like one of the many idiots I hate the go to the emergency room for convince. They were great and I was out in 2 hours. They gave me an IV pain med and steroid for my tosilitist. I got a shot in the butt of Penicillin and I took my very first Ativan. Which is contributing to my inability to write right now. I feel a little better now. I stopped feeling like I had drank 2000 energy drinks. Now I am in a nasty sweat from breaking the fever I did not know I had.

While in the ER Jack calls and informs me Jacob started running a fever. So we don't know if it is from something he caught from me or from the peg tube place ment. Tonights nurse is much more proactive. She has already got an order for Ativan which she has gave. He will get Tylenol w/ codeine in 2 hours.

I am in a total drug fog righr now and I think I will try to get some sleep.

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