Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So the peg tube is in and Jacob is miserable :-(

We got up super early this morning around 4:30. Jack and I only slept a few hours each. We packed our bags and headed toward Tampa. We got to St. Joseph's around 6am. We went through the admission process with Jacob and eventually went to a pre-op area with him. We stayed there about an hour. They took his weight and asked a bunch of questions and kicked us and Jacob out to the surgery waiting area and said they would call when they were ready. It was about 730ish when they sat us out there. About 9:15 they called us back to pre-op and said they did not know he had pre-op antibiotics to give and had to start and IV and give them. Well his surgery time was suppose to be 9:30. By the time they got the IV in and we waited the 30 minutes for the Ancef to go in it was around 10:15. They rushed us back and he went strait into the endoscopy room. 30 minutes later he was done and in recovery. We stayed down their for a little over an hour. I got to give him his 1st meds through his peg tube right before they took him up stairs. I made a big stink about having a private room and had the bed next door to ours blocked so we would not have a room mate for the next few days. Jacob cries to much to be in a room with another sick child and I sure the heck do not want to hear someone elses kid cry all night. He has been miserable and crying all day. Not sure if he is crying more from pain or because he is starving. He is not allowed to eat for 24 hours after the tube is placed.  I decided to look at his tube about an hour ago and it occurred to me, that when Logan had his tube placed the end of it was open for a few days. They had the end of it wrapped in a diaper but the dang thing had the stopper in it. NO FREAKING WONDER WHY HE WAS SCREAMING. His little g-tube was not letting the gas and yuck out. He is less cranky now. They are only giving him Tylenol for pain and Demerol for "extreme pain" He has had the Demerol once and the Tylenol 2x so far. I am counting down to his next dose of Demerol. He is miserable he needs it! 1.5 hours until narcotic time. I hope he will freaking sleep. This is going to be a LOOOONNNNGGGG night! I am not thrilled with the tube. I was expecting to see one like Logan's. His was latex and just taped with the balloon inside. The one Jacob has has the flat disc on the inside that holds it in and this disc on the outside that helps keep it in place. What sucks is that it sticks up so far off the skin. I was told we had to wait 3-6 months for this one to be removed and the tubeless one to be placed. I think it is called The Mickey button. Oh well, we will continue to take it one day at a time and do the best we can for him.

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  1. I stumbled on your blog, and have followed some of your story. Bless your heart, you all have been through much. I'm praying for little Jacob, and for the Lord to strengthen you and your husband in these days and the ones to come. May you find your hope in Him.