Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good results from 1st speech therapy session

Jacob went to speech therapy for the 1st time on Monday. She should me some new things to try and get him to suck slower. He did great in therapy and great Monday night. He actually finished an 8oz bottle in 15 minutes without gagging!

Ava had a great birthday party on Monday night. We had a total of 22 kids counting all babies lol. Thanks to everyone that came. She made out like a bandit on presents. She got a lot of great gifts. I only let her take 2 gifts to bed with her LOL I had fun opening up all her packages and playing with them while she was sleep. When she woke up this morning I had her presents set up all over the house. She played all day long!

I had to tear her away from her gifts this morning to go to her 3 year old check up with Dr. Velez. She protested the entire time. We had a good visit she is doing everything she should except she can't write an "x" on a piece of paper. They made her get undressed and put on a hospital gown . She told me "Mommy I don't want DR. Velez to give me a hair cut." hahaha

Ava has complained of her "tummy hurting" for month and months. I have been told by WIC that she drinks to much milk, but never really thought much of it. I know you can get sick if you drink a large quantity at one time, I have done that and puked before. She seriously has 6-8 8oz sippy cups full of fat free milk a day. She has been drinking that much milk since she started drink cow milk. I was told she is drinking double the amount she should be and that it can cause inflammation of the stomach and that is probably what is going on. So, only 3 cups of milk a day for Ava now.

We have speech therapy again for Jacob tomorrow. Today he did not eat as well as he did Monday.

Will post pictures of Ava's party soon.

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