Friday, June 4, 2010

Feeding tube OH feeding tube how I dread you, but look forward to you!

We went to see the GI doctor in Tampa at St. Josephs Children's Hospital for Jacob yesterday. He is still under weight and almost 11 months old. So 1st they want to increase his calories to 24 calories an ounce from 22. We started that yesterday. I call on Monday to schedule a date for his surgery to have G-tube placement. He will still be able to eat with a bottle, but for the times he is very agitated and gagging when he eats I will still be able to feed him without the worry of him loosing weight and aspirating. We will continue to have speech/feeding therapy 2x a week and once he is eating well all the time we will have the feeding tube removed.

Jacob is also getting his feet orthodics fitted today. He will wear them at night to help keep his feet where they should be. He also see Dr. Velez today for follow up on his diagnoses of pneumonia on Saturday.

Ava is doing good on the potty. As long as she does not have a pull up or diaper on and she is not asleep she has been telling me she has to go and runs to the bathroom. She decided she needs to go on the potty because she wants to go to school, so I told her she can not go to school until she pee pees and poops on the potty all the time.

Andrew is starting to sit up a little better on his own. He loves his jump a roo. He is trying to hold his bottle, but can't quit do it yet. I have also still been working with him on picking things up off trays and bringing food to his mouth. He loves the teething cookie things and is still having trouble with the little star things.

Ava's birthday party is on Monday. I'm excited. I've never done a party anywhere but my house. I hope it does not cost a fortune and everything goes smoothly.

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