Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Surgery update and more sick kids

Jacob goes on Tuesday, June 22nd for his G-tube placement in Tampa. We have to stay for 3 days. Thanks to my wonderful friend Jill and her family, they will have Ava and Andrew while we are with Jacob.

So all 3 kids started getting sick over the weekend. So much for the glorious few weeks when they were all healthy and thriving. All 3 got green sicky noses and coughs. Andrew and Ava are handling it well and are doing great. They are eating and playing just a few extra tissues and that's all.

Of course nothing comes easy with Jacob. Any time he is sick at all he struggles feeding. Over the pasted 4-5 days his he has eaten half his normal. His urine output is 2x a day. He continues to be the poop-a-natter he poops more than he pees. I took him to see the doctor this morning being concerned about his urine. Yesterday I noticed it looked more concentrated and had an odor. They did a cath urine on him and it looked nasty. A really dark orange and cloudy. So, he has a urinary tract infection and we are starting another antibiotic. We just finished the last ones maybe a week ago from the pneumonia. This kid is going to be immune to all antibiotics if this keeps up. I am praying the g-tube is going to help keep him healthier since he will then be able to get the amount of intake he needs.

Besides the few bumps in the road all is well. Jack and I continue to praise God for all he does and we are thankful for every blessing big or small. I have been toying with the idea or changing jobs and I am looking to Him for guidance. I love my job, but I can't help but wonder if there is something else I may love more. Maybe just simply changing shifts or departments. Childcare is the big issue. I want to be able to go to church on Sundays. I want to be able to attend birthday parties and other events that always seem to happen on weekends. My only option though is to work weekend nights or find a PRN job where I pick the days I want to work opposite of Jack. All in due time thought I suppose.

I got Jacob this super cool high chair that I can take in restaurants with me so he can sit up at the table and be a big boy just like Andrew. We used it for the 1st time today I was pretty happy with it. It is made by Evenflo I believe it is called the On the Go travel high chair. It is green with a 5 point harness. It has a high back so Jacob's head does not fall back like it does in everything else. Both boys also got new shoes. Jacob got 2 pairs of shoes. 1 that fit over his leg splints. The physical therapist is suppose to bring a walker/stander thing for him to try with his leg splints and new shoes :-) I actually got him another high top boot shoes that he stands surprisingly well in without the leg splints. I think they will help with his foot drop and he tolerates them better than the splints. They are a little to big. When he bends him legs they are rubbing at the back of his knees causing his skin to rub off and bruising. Because of this I stopped putting them on him at night.

Andrew is doing so much better sitting up this week. He actually sit almost unsupported with a boppy pillow behind him for 5 minutes or more while he plays with toys. Then he usually gives up and falls over and rolls to his stomach. :-) He also started drinking for a sippy cup yesterday. He seems to like it. It is the NUK cup. He actually holds it up by himself too and he won't do that with a bottle. He makes someone hold it or it has to be propped. I was impressed. I even made a little video of him being a big boys holding and drinking out of his big boy sippy cup.

I cleaned Mr. Stinky Van that has not been cleaned since NOVEMBER! Guess what  I found that has been missing for 6 months! Something I thought I lost in the NICU a few weeks before Logan died. MY WEDDING RING! Of Course I found it 2 weeks after I bought a new one. I like the new one and I think I will keep it still too! :-D

Umm...I can't think of anything else So I guess that is all for now. I am to lazy to get the camera and upload pictures, so I will do that later.

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