Thursday, June 10, 2010

God please comfort "The Bright Spot" I also posted pictures

Ava waiting to go to her birthday party
 Mommy and Ava about to open presents!
Andrew in the baby jumping area at Family Fun Center
Jack is King of the balls LOL
Jacob sleeping
Getting ready for lunch time
I think the bib ate more than he did!
Andrew is a cookie monster!
Sleeping Angel with all her headboard "artwork"

I just got sad news from one of my blogs I follow called The Bright Spot. They were 23 weeks 5 days when they found out that they lost their identical twin boys. They have been in Miami with Dr. Quintero who is one of the leading TTTS doctors trying to save their boys lives. Please pray for comfort for them during this hard time. She is actually in labor right now to deliver her angels.

On a better note. Jacob is doing so much better with his feedings. We had speech therapy today and he did wonderful. I am so impressed that he is eating so well. Now, if we could just get him sitting up or holding toys, rolling over ANYTHING!

Both boys seen the early interventionist today. We discussed how Andrew is starting to fall behind. She does not think he needs physical therapy but would like to see him once a week instead of once a month. He is almost 8 months adjusted and still does not hold his bottle, he does not sit up on his own. He started to then stopped, and he is making no attempt at crawling.

I have a house full of kids right now!!!! I still don't have the date for Jacob's g-tube placement yet. I am posting some picture of the kids.

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