Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm getting sick! Blah. The big boys are up to feeds at nurses discretion. Jacob is 5lbs 7oz Andrew 5lbs 4oz. They are RSV free. They took off their oxygen monitors yesterday...I don't like this. They still have heart monitors on and Jacob had 1 bradycardia episode this morning and Andrew had 1 last night when I fed him. I think they are pushing them a little to fast out the door. I signed all the consents for there shots yesterday and for their circumcisions. I was told to bring in there car seats so they can make sure they can handle sitting in car seats.
Logan was back up to 60% on his oxygen on cpap last night. It is so depressing as soon as I think he is doing great for example he go to 48% on oxygen and in 12 hours he was back at 60%. When I called earlier he was at 54% I'm going to have grey hair by the time he comes home. He is 3lbs 8oz. He is still on RSV isolation. He had a negative test 5 days ago had a positive test 3 days ago and a negative test yesterday. He has to have 2 negative test in a row to be cleared.

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