Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Homeward bound foe 2

Andrew and Jacob are doing great! 2 nights ago Jacob required a little oxygen when he ate he is better now. Both boys eat whenever they want now and are between 60-96oz. They have to feed ad lib for 48hrs with no bradys so far so good. They are thinks Wed or Thurs for discharge.

Logan has required a bump up on his oxygen. Was at 55% at 3am. Still vented. he is tube fed 39cc every 3 hours. He gets morphine every 6 hours. He required his 3rd blood transfusion since birth yesterday. Still in pelvic harness. Did not look good or very happy last night. He had a dose of Lasix to try to bring down his swelling.

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  1. I just found your blog and wanted to say hi with big tears in my eyes. I had a triplet pregnancy with identicals (TTT victims and now angels) and gave birth to my Baby C at 27 weeks. While in the hospital I was told that there had never been a case like mine meaning a triplet pregnancy with identicals and TTTS (this was 5 years ago). I just wanted to say hang in there, and that you and your beautiful boys are in my thoughts and prayers. What amazing survivors they are:). I know from what I have already read what a long scary process you have been through and I am so happy for you. I will read more of your blog.