Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Displaced fracture of the left femur"

Logan's xray enhanced by me to show the break because it is a really crappy pic I took on my cam phone




Okay I have written all this once and it freaking deleted some how grr. I got a phone call from Dr. Brown this morning saying some how Logan acquired a displaced fracture of his left femur in the past 12-24hrs and they can not pin point exactly when or what happened, that sometimes babies that spend time on IV nutrition (which he was not on long) can develop weak bones btw she also told me all his labs for minerals are normal and he showed no signs of having any bone issues prior to this. Night shift blames it on day and days blames it on nights. All I know is that he was moving his legs just fine when I left at 530pm that night and he was content. The respiratory therapist told me tonight that his foot was swollen at 7pm last night when she came in. The nurse noted his thigh was swollen when she gave him a bath. What makes me really angry is that if you notice swelling in a child's leg just a we bit bigger than my thumb that btw had an obvious deformity if you felt it.. WHY THE FUCK WAS NOTHING POINTED OUT TO THE DOCTOR until 10am the next morning. So my child who has suffered since the day he was born sat in pain the a broken femur for possibly more than 15hrs???!!! It make me want to punch a bitch in the face! Ughh I am trying to get him transferred to LRMC if they will take him.
Oh the upside MD thinks Jacob an Andrew could be coming home in the next 10-14day if all goes well
Back to Logan they had the orthopedic doc come in and splint and set his bone back..but as for how long it will take to heal or if it may need surgery I never thought to ask because I was to busy being angry.

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