Friday, September 25, 2009

Andrew and Jacob are home MRI results

Andrew and Jacob left Winnie Palmer hospital on September 23, 2009 after 67 days in the NICU Logan still hanging in there still on vent slowly weening settings he is 4lbs 8oz on the 23rd. Today he is at a rate 33 and at 60% on oxygen.
Andrew and Jacob came home around 8:30pm and are doing okay. Andrew was 6lbs and Jacob 6lbs 5oz when they left. They are still on fortifier to add extra calories to their breast milk. They get daily multivitamins and Jacob takes 12.5mcg of syntroid for hypothyroidism. They had MRI of their brains prior to discharge with some results that were not what any parent would hope for. I can't quit comprehen what the results says, but I do have a strong faith in God and know that God has meant for them to be exactly the way they are and that God has great plans for them. All can do is pray that with time they will be able to function as adults and they will be happy children. I was told they would defiantly have some developmental delay Jacob more significantly than Andrew. Jacob's brain injuries are more than likely caused from Logan and Jacob's TTTS and that there is a high chance that when it is time for Logan's MRI his results are expected to be the same or worse than Jacob's due to his long term chronic needs for oxygen. I know that God has saved these children from death for a reason and I will continue to wait and see what God's will is and do all I can to make their lives the best they can be.

This is Andrew's MRI report: 1. Subtle signal abnormality in the periventricular regions in the bilateral front lobes could represent early white matter changes. 2. Mild colpocephaly. Mild increased extra-axial fluid.

Jacob's MRI: Interval development of diffuse and extensive cystic encephalomalcia occupying a large portion of the bilateral parietal lobes with extension along the periventricular regions bilaterally and extending into the right frontal lobe.

Logan's fracture is still not looking very well. Shows "slight increase in angulation."

Jacob has only had 1 episode since he has been home where he chocked and turned blue while he ate. A little stimulation and he was fine.

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  1. I am praying for you and your babies. They are survivors and like you said they are here because that was in God's plan. Hang in there!