Friday, September 18, 2009

Pelvic Harness

Logan was changed from the splint to a pelvic harness today. He seems to tolerate it okay. He also weened on his oxygen from 57% to 50% he goes up and down on his oxygen sats a lot still. Tolerates his feeds okay still has some residual after he takes pain medication.

Andrew and Jacob are getting their 2 month old vaccinations. Jacob is doing very well on his feeds and still acts hungry. Finishes his bottles in 10-20 minutes. If he nipple feeds the rest of tonight and all day tomorrow on Saturday he can eat whenever he wants and if he continues to do well he can come home. He has not had any bradycaridas in a few days.

Andrew is not doing as well on his feeds. He gets tired easily and struggles to finish his 50cc in 30 minutes. If he does 2 or 3 feeds in a row then he starts to brady and chock on his feeds. They say that the vaccines can makes them do this for a few days.

Logan apparently has osteopenia (prob did not spell this right) I will try to explain the time line of what happened with his leg next time I get on here when I have time.

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