Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So this is what Logan's leg looks like in the splint....the bones don't look right to me, but they keep telling me it should heal fine even though the bones are pointing 2 different ways...I want a 2nd option.
Logan's toys lol He would not let you have them back. He was actually awake and kept closing his eyes from the light.

Mommy turn the lights back off!

Making Andrew and Jacob love each other.
I'm so disgusted with Winnie Palmer Hospital I can't even write about it!. Just want to report Logan is doing well and seems much more relaxed on the vent he is not having to work so hard and is getting the rest he needs. Oxygen is at 57% peep of 8 resps at 45. Andrew and Jacob finished their bottles tonight and Jacob breastfed his entire feeding except 5cc at 530. Neither baby had any bradys today that I was told of not even during their feedings.

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