Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ahhh! (This is how I feel!)

Logan was taken off the ventilator Saturday afternoon 9/5/09. Jack and I were actually in the room when they did this. It was one of the most stressful moments I have had in a while. They pull the tube and the sats went from 90's down to the 20's his heart rate dropped into 30's his chest caved in and he was purple and blue all over. I left the room as they started to ambubag him. I came back about 30 minutes later expecting him to be on vent on alot of O2 and found him on Cpap on around 60% oxygen. What a relief it was that he was BREATHING period! He ended up requiring more O2 and went up to 75% He has been on 70% for the last 2 days and just tonight as I was leaving they were weening him he was at 66% when I left at 11pm. He is 3lbs 6oz. Ithink. JACOB is still breathing on his own without oxygen he still has some desats with some retractions. He is still only getting 1 bottle feeding a day and he still desats and chocks during his feeding tonight I did get him to drink 24cc. he is 5lbs 4oz. ANDREW is doing awsome he sats in high 90's all the time but when he gets stressed he has short episodes of bradys and desats. He bottle feeds more than 50% of his feeds and ranges in the amount he takes from full feeds to 1/2 feeds. We did attempt breastfeeding for the last 2 night and they both did okay. Andrew latched on and went to sleep Jacob did very well but could not handle the flow of milk. It was to much for him. Andrew is 5lbs 1oz. My mom is thankfully still staying with me and Jack has started night shift. Ava is being super bad all the time and is repeating curse words and calling everyone ass holes on a daily bases (ducks, docks, Jack, me, my mom etc). Just lovely!

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