Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting tired

Boys have been home for I think 9 days now. They are doing good and continuing to gain weight. Having some penis issues with Jacob. 1st it got all swollen now the bottom half has some kind of weird skin adhering thing at the bottom. Gotta call the doctor on Monday. Jacob is 7lbs 2oz and Andrew is 6lbs 14oz. They have been very fussy over the last couple days...have no clue what the heck is wrong with them. Andrew still hardly poops but doctor says he is fine.

Logan...hmm...I just don't know anymore. The good news is that he had the splint and pelvic harness taken off his leg today. His knee is still swollen and he does not move that leg, but they assure me it healed enough to come off and he is fine. On the down side he is still on the ventilator. They have weened his rate to 15, but his oxygen is at 69% they tired to put him on auto mode which is what they do before they take him off of vent and he did not tolerate it well hence the rise in oxygen requirement. He is also getting a lot more secretions in his lungs. I hope now that he can be moved again they will move him more so the fluid does not settle to much in his lungs. I got told him last night. It was nice the 2nd time I have held him in 6 weeks. The doctor is considering giving him another round of steroids to get him off the vent. Haven't heard the final word. He weighs 5lbs 5.75oz
Trying to stay strong and not break down. I think I have decided I quit on the bills! I am going to file bankruptcy. Chase raised my interest rate to over 25% and I have NEVER been late or missed a payment on any credit card (except for 1 day late on target a few months ago). I decided I have tried my best but no one is willing to help unless you are behind on payments. F them all I quit!

Once I feel like being productive again I will post some new pictures.

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