Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Baby is 4!

Been a busy week full of birthday celebration and the usual Gunter tradition...sickness. Everyone in the family has had some form of a very painful stomach bug since last week. Still hurts to eat. Ugh! Need to post some pictures from Ava's party soon...maybe tomorrow.

Monday was Ava's actual birthday. My friend Jill kept the boys for me so we could spend the day just with Ava. We took her to Disney's Hollywood Studios. She road her 1st "real" ride. She is finally tall enough to ride the big kid what better to put her on than "Tower of Terror" LOL She did very well...didn't even freak out. She was scared, but when it was over no tears. The rest of the day was spent meeting characters and having lunch. She met 2 of the Little Einstein characters. She seen Handy Manny and Winnie the Pooh. We waited in line for her to see Mickey Mouse. She seen Minnie mouse and 2 Chipmunks. We seem the Disney Junior Show and she met Phineas and Ferb. We were only there for about 5 hours. We had to leave to get the boys by 430. She really enjoyed our Disney passes are block out until August 18. :-(

Tuesday was Ava's birthday party. Her party was at Back Yard Adventure. She loves that place. She wore her Hello Kitty outfit and enjoyed her Hello Kitty cupcakes.  The party was a success. There was 5 or 6 families there totaling 20 kids all together.  She scored big on presents thanks to Grandma Linda and Grandpa Jerry. She got cloths, so Hello Kitty stuff, My Little Pony things, and an arts and craft case.

Jack got really sick on Wednesday. He got the stuff that kept me in bed all day last Friday. His stomach pain was so bad, he actually went to the ER...couldn't get into his doctor. He came home with 7 medications and was diagnosed with gastro-enteritis.  He slept for the rest of the day. By Wednesday night, my stomach decided was time for round 2 of nausea, vomit, and diarrhea too. YAY! :-/ BTW from being ill over a week I am down 8lbs...sad to say I am sure it is all water weight and not fat LOL. At bedtime Andrew decided to join the fun and vomit everywhere. This morning was spent cleaning vomit and poop from the babies...nice visual huh?

Today was also Ava's last day of Pre-K 3. Very sad. I loved the school she was at, just can't afford to send here there full time next year, so we are opting for the free VPK that is 3 hours a day Monday-Friday. Didn't get much done today due to the above described illness. Ava decided she would vomit all over the car on the way home. Andrew decided he would shit all over his car seat on the way me being to sick to clean it has left it there for now...Anyone up for cleaning a very nasy van? LOL So tomorrow we will NOT be taking the van to Jacob's appts. On that note, Jacob has 2 appointments tomorrow. 1. He has a long awaited appointment at Shriner's Hospital for them to evaluate his legs and possibly splints. 2. He has a follow up GI appointment. Jacob has been vomiting almost daily again over the past few weeks...their answer is always continuous feeds...I am tired of the answer because if Jacob is going to vomit, he does it on and off continuous feeds. GRRR! I am ready for this vomiting to be over...I think I am ready to give in to him getting a nissen.

Though all this sickness I did get a wild hair up my butt today and decided to get my pool up to par...Christine is having her daughter's 4th birthday here on Sunday. So I do believe I might have successfully patched a hole at the bottom of the pool causing 3/4 of the water to drain from it in the past week and I woke up and decided to buy a new ladder. Thank you very much Jack for you hard earned overtime allowing this pool improvement :-P

Christine was off her steroids for a few days. She became very swollen and started to retain a lot of fluid. She did not take the steroids for 4 days because she was tired of gaining weight etc...we I guess we all learned how important they are. She got really sick, swollen, and had very bad headaches. She still complains of a lot of head pain, but seems to be doing better. She is depressed, broke, and she is not doing very well with her husband. Please pray for them, for their relationship, her children, their finances etc. She has a lot on her plate right now. They have a little vacation coming up that was gifted to them through a foundation complete with a free hotel stay and free amusement park passes. They also assist a little with spending money and food vouchers. How freaking awesome is this. She will FINALLY get her fun vacation with her kids. They are going to Universal Studios and Sea World. They leave on Wednesday. She is having a lot of anxiety about it...afraid she will get sick, not have enough money etc. I am praying they have the best time of their lives. God Blessed them with this trip and I hope it becomes a true blessing to them.

My friend Karen has 2 surviving triplets like I do...she has 3 boys like me. Her boys also suffered from Twin to Twin Transfusion. She lives about 45 minutes from me. Not often you will find someone so close that has been though the same thing as you. He son Patrick also has cerebral palsy. He is much higher functioning than Jacob, but never the less they struggle with CP among other health issues. Her boys are nearly 3 and today they had to make the very hard decision regarding her son's respiratory and feeding issues. He had a nissen and g-tube placed today. This is a big surgery and he will spend a week in the hospital. Logan had it done with his g-tube and I seriously did not realize what a big deal it was. Jacob REALLY needs it done. Anyways, Patrick came out of the surgery okay, but 15 minutes or so into his recovery, his heart stopped beating not once, but twice. Sadly this is not the 1st time this little boy has needed CPR. He is in the ICU now and is stable. Not sure what caused this, maybe the sedation? Anyways, I just asked you pray for this family as well. That the coming day bring healing and that his mother NEVER has to face the near death, much less the death of another child. It was a sweet thought, someone posted a comment to her facebook that he went to visit his brother Hunter in heaven and Hunter sent him back to be with his family <3 <3 <3 He is such a sweet boy. Jacob and him have therapy together every other Friday. I pray God has great things in stored for this little boy.

Will update more tomorrow after the doctor appointments. It is nap time. :-)

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