Friday, June 24, 2011

I miss Him!

Do you ever miss someone so much you physically hurt? This is how I feel today. My entire body hurts. I hurt for Logan. I hurt for myself. I hurt for Christine today. I am watching her sit on the couch in tears talking on the phone making appointments to get help for her family. I am so proud of her for making this step. I don't know why things feels different today.  She got good news yesterday, but the atmosphere is just so heavy in this house today. Lord Help Us!

I miss you so very much sweet baby boy......

I'll never forget the feeling of the 1st time I ever held him <3
Christine's tumor did not grow. Praise God! Everything is still going as planned. She starts chemo on Monday. Blood work every 2 weeks. Next MRI in August. Please continue to pray for hee, her acceptance of her illness, and please pray for her husband and their MANY issues.

I love you Christine!

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