Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Monday I went and seen Logan's grave. Ava and Brianna were with me. They were running though the cemetery checking to see if all the flowers were fake or not.  She was telling Bree all about "God" which is what she calls the cemetery. She is very confused. She knows Logan lives in Heaven where God she thinks since we visit Logan's grave that is where he "lives" so the cemetery is God/Heaven. I try to tell her this is just where his body is and that we come out to put flowers down in his memory, but he is in Heaven which is far far away, she just does not grasp that yet.

Christine left this afternoon with her family for their 5 night vacation she was given. I hope her and her husband get along and they really have a great time.

Holding hands checking all the flowers in the cemetery

Running back to Logan's headstone

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