Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jacob Ugh!

I believe Jacob is on the verge of one of his illnesses again. My sister called me today worried about his breathing. I had her bring him down to the hospital where I work so I could have him looked at. I had another nurse look at him and 1 of the pediatricians listen to his lungs. I didn't want to have him seen in the ER for something silly, but I have become so used to him being sick, that sometimes I think I down play what is going on with him. Luckily we came to the determination that he did not need to be seen in the ER. His lungs sounded fairly good. He is just super congested which is causing him to mouth breath and use accessory muscles while breathing. He is also coughing a lot. No drainage...I don't think he has a cold or anything. I think I have made my decision to go a head and make an appointment to have his tonsils and adenoids removed...assuming the ENT is willing to do it. He has seen an ENT a few times for this...the next appointment is scheduled for the 8th of July I believe. I have called to see if we can get in sooner with no luck. I am undecided it I would rather wait for this appointment or call the 2nd ENT I have a referral to in St. Pete.

I know I have a lot of phone calls to make tomorrow. I have to call to set up occupational therapy for him. I have to set an appointment to have a renal ultrasound done. I don't know if I mentioned this during the post about Shriner's Hospital. They wanted him to have genetic testing done because of his skin tag and small head. She said that it common that when there is a skin tag, especially a large one, that it is common for their to be malformation of the kidneys...they might have done this in the NICU, but I don't know and I have no record of it...and don't plan to go back to that place and attempt to get records.
Okay I may need a list a this point of things to do tomorrow.
1. set up occupational therapy
2. schedule ultrasound
3. reschedule Endocrine doctor appointment that we missed a few weeks ago
4. reschedule Eye doctor appointment that we also missed a few weeks ago
5. make an appointment to have his blood work drawn...that I was suppose to do weeks ago as well
6. Call SSI and see what I can do about the 810.64 that we have been over payed..amazing how much $52 a month can add up over time.
7. call and make an appointment with the pediatrician

Back to Jacob being I ended up leaving work 4 hours early (like I can really afford that) because I was concerned about him and I had the stuff to take care of him better at home then my sister had at her house. So I took him home gave him breathing treatments, tried to suction his noses, and gave him some nasal drops. My sister said he was up all night long. He looked very tired. He did sleep for about 2 hours...then he woke up and vomited all over his bed while laying on his stomach. So now his congestion is amplified worse than it was before. He is coughing like he is ready to spit out a lung, and I am afraid to feed him. Hopefully I will get him to bed soon and asleep and I will start his next feed.

We had a pretty busy week planned. Plans will all depend on Jacob and how he behaves though.
Tomorrow will be full of making appointments and therapy. Tuesday I requested to work for 4 hours in the morning, but don't know if I got the shift yet. In the afternoon is Ava's 4 year old check up..we have plans to go to a little water park that is really cheap to get in after the doctors appointment..but this will depend on what is left in the bank. Wednesday we have therapy for a good part of the day...the last being over at 4pm. Thursday is PAY DAY YAY!!! I will be rich for about 5 seconds. :-) Some of my co-workers and myself plan to meet up at play center with the kids. Friday I plan go to Down Town Disney with the kids and a friend to see Cars 2. Then it will be back to work for the weekend. Hopefully without having to leave early. I bid on a few shifts trying to get a few extra dollars for the boys big birthday party in July. It is only 2 paychecks away :-)

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