Thursday, May 26, 2011

I love you

Little Andrew has been talking up a storm this week. 1st off I think he has learned how to say  almost every one's names except for his own, Christine's and Zander's. He says clearly Mommy, Daddy, Ava, Jacob, Breeanna, Cody, Michael, and Gavin. Not sure if he says my sister's name or Isreal..never heard him though. Tonight he busted out with "Milk" for the 1st time...atleast that I have heard it...he was screaming I want MILK! He told me "I wuv you" for the 1st time on Monday afternoon. His favorite words are "I want down". He screams this no matter if he is trying to climb up on something, if he is trapped in the baby cage, his crib, or his high chair...he always wants down. LOL Now with all this new language development he is using it to his advantage...I had him in his crib in my room. I had a mountain of laundry. I was folding the laundry, it is about 9pm and this is what Andrew says as he is jumping violently in his crib for attention. "MOMMY! I want down! I love you. Mommy! I LOVE YOU. I want down. Please. I LOVE YOU! I WANT DOWN! This went on for a good 30 minutes until I left the room and he finally went to sleep. I have attempted to capture one of these verbal outburst on video, but my cell phone is either dead or never in my reach when these precious moments occur. You must imagine this conversation in baby garbled language. It was quite cute and you can actually understand what he was saying...or at least I could. He is a little stinker. He is saying so many words now and he is putting them together so well. He identifies his eyes and nose now. He will tell you all about yours too. He likes putting his finger up your nose and in you eye too.

I think everyone is finally starting to get over the illness going around in my house. Some people still have a stomach bug, but I guess with 10 people is bound to pass around a few time. My kids seem to be getting better..of course Jacob has to delay progress. He is going about every other day without vomiting for now, but he is also not getting any baby food and sometimes only gets 3 feeds a day depending on how congested/coughing he has.

I guess there are new medicaid rule in effect in Florida. My son takes A LOT of meds and they are all prescribed at different times, so they are all on auto-refill. I stop by about once a week and pick up whatever got filled that week. It is hard to keep track of them all and when they need to be filled...apparently out great Governor decided to make it where medicaid prescriptions can't be auto-refilled anymore??? according to the pharmacist. Also his erythromycin has to have a new prescription every 10 days even though he has refills. ARE YOU SERIOUS THIS IS SHIT! Pisses me off. My son only has medicaid as a secondary insurance, so even though he has private insurance that pays 1st we are still stuck with all the new medicaid reform. I guess they figure by inconveniencing those who on medicaid they will save money because people will be to lazy to refill medications they need??? Stupid! Why don't we just drug test all the low lives living off the system so they can buy their drugs instead of taking care of themselves and their children and give out IUDS and tubal ligation to the scanks that have 10 kids  by different men so they can sit on their ass and drawl cash assistance, food stamps, free rent etc. I had a lady in the ER actually tell me she had so many kids so she would not have to work...I commented man I hope you man has a good job or you get a lot of child support...and she actually told me..."Oh no hunny, none of my baby daddy live with me. I get money from the government..."oh and you have to get all your kids diagnosed with something so you can get SSI off all of make sure you smoke crack the entire time you are pregnant until you deliver. Okay sorry got a little off track there.

Jacob has been very alert that past few days. He seems like he is trying to use his hands. He does not keep them in a fist all the time. He is opening his fingers and bring his hands to his mouth and face like he used to when he was smaller. Anytime he reached his arm out in front of him before he would have his hands either in a fist or wide open with fingers spread...I don't know how to explain it seems like I am seeing a glimpse of some possible voluntary hand use. When I say some I mean like a tiny grain of salt worth of hope...just enough to get you hopeful, but not enough to say he is really doing it on purpose. Just seems like he is trying to grab things. I don't think that makes sense, but maybe you can figure it out. LOL He is curling himself up to his side when he sleeps. I put him to bed on his stomach and he curls himself up in a ball until he is kinda on his side. One thing he is NOT doing anymore is pulling himself up off the floor. Before he pushed up and pulled his chest up off the ground and looked around. I have not seen him doing this in a while. Maybe I just need to lay on the floor with some toys to stimulate him.  He is babbling a new sounds though, but he communicates in his own way. He cries certain ways so mommy knows what is wrong..he has the "Mom I am bored turn the music/TV up loud to make me happy" cry, the "Mom I've shit out of my diaper" cry (sometimes he laughs uncontrollably too...), and the "Mom, I just chocked on my vomit" cry. Other times he just busts out with na na na na na na na na or wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh etc...some times there is even a ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma. Any who...I love how he acts when he gets over his sickie...just seems like he wants to do something when he feels better...then he decides to tease me and just do nothing most of the time. I've made him do a lot of standing in his stander lately seems to be helping some with the hip/leg tightness. I am very excited about going to Shriner's I hope they have some new ideas/ splints for him. I have been putting him in the gait trainer some to. No forward steps, but he will push himself backwards across the room when he feels like it. Sad to watch the videos from 6 months or so ago when he was taking steps forward...then he got sick and stopped :-(

I have all these short videos of my children from my phone...I need to put them all together on a dvd like I did Logan's I seriously have nothing outside of what I have on my phone of my children. I need to make a video of the boys from birth until now and Ava too...I made 1 for Ava up to 18 months. Logan has 1 for his 6 1/2 months, but the boys have nothing no pictures no videos to document their babyhood lol I need to get on it. This blog is the only "baby book" they will ever have :-) besides the 3 empty unopened ones in my closet.

Ava has her 1st Ballet Recital tomorrow. She is so silly. She is definitely not one with great coordination...I think she will even drive like me YIKES!!!! They had their dress rehearsal today. She was to busy waving at me while she was on stage and making up her own dance moves then doing the dance she was suppose to do. She was still cute though.

I meet with the funeral home people tomorrow morning at 1030. I will be attempting to buy 3 more grave plots next to Logan. I need to buy them before someone else dose. I guess they take interest free payments. Not sure how it all works..but I guess I will know tomorrow. I am buying plots for Me, Jack, and Jacob. I am told they are $1095 each. So $3300 for some dead people land...guess that is not a bad price for you eternal earthy resting place for our bodies. Hopefully "We" will all make it to heaven one day...and hopefully I will not have to use those plots of land for a very long time.

Tomorrow is going to be very busy...1. buy graves 2. drive to Jacob's therapy in Orlando by 2pm 3. Go to Ava's ballet thing at 7:30. Full day before another long weekend of work.

I read a very sad story today. Brought back so many raw memories of how I felt after Logan died. The thoughts about What to do with the triplet stroller, the extra car seat, the crib, calling your triplets twins etc...after Logan died. I pray that God gives this mother peace as he did me. A fellow triplet mom @ Three Times The Fun is going through the worst time of her life. Many of her post seem so similar to what I wrote when Logan was dying. He faith and strength has been amazing. Her little boy made it home. He was happy and healthy with his brothers...He was found unresponsive in his crib last Saturday. SIDS?? maybe? He was 6 months old. they brought him back, but it was to late. He had massive brain damage. They are currently going through the process of declaring him brain dead...they are doing this so they can take the living parts of their son and donate his organs to help save other children. This has to be so hard to make these decisions. I would have donated any part of Logan I could have in an instant, but he was so sick and his body was so polluted by suspected infection, CO2 etc that it was not an option. Her blog has a link to a donation page for anyone that wants to help. Her son's body is still mechanically alive tonight with machines. Please pray for little Owen and his family that God work his will with this family and hopefully save the lives of many others.

On a happier note here are some pictures of my kids from today :-)
My baby after her ballet practice

Jacob: I'm sleeping and you can't see me!

He still looks like monster even when he sleeps. :-)

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  1. Dear Jennifer,
    I found your blog while searching info about G tubes. You and I apparently have alot in common. I also live in central florida. I have a son who is 4 in august and we are sadly looking into G tube surgery. I am scared to death. I can totally relate to you on the whole medicaid thing! Pisses me off! I havent had a chance to catch up on your whole blog but I see you have been through ALOT with your kids.You sound like a great mom and your doing a great Job. I would love to get to know you better. I have a caringbridge site for my son. Although I dont get the chance to update as often as I should it can be viewed here: If you want to chat I be reached at Hope to talk soon! XoXo