Monday, June 20, 2011

Jacob did something NEW!

I've totally been sitting in a chair in the living room with my cell phone set on the video mode waiting to see if Jacob would do something new again. Jack and I were just sitting in the living room trying to clean and yelling at the kids who walk...I noticed Jacob kicking and lifting his head up (he is laying on his back on the floor) then next thing you know right before our eyes he rolled himself over to his stomach and pulled his head and chest off the floor like he has been doing it forever. So, naturally we roll him back over to see if he will do it again...about 45 minutes has passed and nothing. He is laughing at us now because we have been staring at him for the entire time now. I think he just wanted to get out attention :-) Even if he never does it again...atleast he has achieved this milestone once. :-)

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