Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm so mad!!!!

1st off Jacob is home. He came home Wednesday afternoon. They did nothing for him their except unconstipate him, which I could have done at home. They also did not feed him until the morning he was discharged, so guess what happened when I got home. He puked all over the place. I have to schedule a follow up for him to be seen in a week. I am so aggravated!. If she does not refer me to a surgeon when I see her next week I am switching doctors!!!

I also dislike his neurologist this week too. How long ago did he have that 24 EEG??? 4-5 weeks ago..I don't know it was awhile ago! I've been calling for several weeks now asking about the results and they keep telling me they don't have them back from the hospital yet. So I finally lost my patience on the phone with the receptionist while I had nothing better to do it he hospital with Jacob. Seriously do they have no follow up on their patients? Do they not realize it has been over a month for results that I was told would be back in a week? Then my bad yesterday...he apparently had a neurology appointment that was scheduled 5 months ago yesterday at 10:30 am. I missed it on the calender with everything going on and by the time I realized it, it was to late. Of course I call today and their calls are being referred to the answering service. Apparently they are only open until 12 of Fridays??? They close 4pm the rest of the week. I am actually sitting on hold right now for the pediatrician's office to get a referral to a new neurologist. If the GI doctor does not do something soon I am going to change her too. I think I said that already.LOL I would love to get all of his doctors in 1 practice/hospital. Right now he sees specialist all over Central Florida. He has doctors in Orlando, Lakeland, Tampa, and Saint Petersburg. I think I would like to get all his doctors from offices that practice out of All Children's Hospital.

I went Tuesday morning for the ultrasound to check IUD placement. I got the results yesterday. The IUD is out of place (prob from him pulling it of course) but it is right at the cervix. The ultrasound tech said to her it did not look like it was embedded, but they also seen an area that was abnormal right at the c-section scar. So who ever read the results believes it is either an embedded IUD, part of the IUD embedded and broke off, or it is a fibroid. Lovely so they basically have no idea without putting a camera up there. This procedure is an outpatient surgery in the hospital. Now for the part that makes me really angry more than the fact that this IUD is stuck/embedded/broken etc. They called to schedule the procedure for next week (of course the pre-op and procedures were both on days Jack has to work) and gave me the blah blah things about insurance covering it and then tell me by the way we need $420 paid in full when you come for your pre-op visit. Seriously?!?!?!?!!?!?!!? They want me to pull $420 out of thin air  in 5 days. I don't even get paid until next Thursday. Then this is the crappy pay check week. This is the paycheck we hardly have any money left and it is going to be even shorter than normal because I did not work last weekend. I might actually have to take money out of my kids savings account or do a pay day advance just to buy groceries and gas for the next 2-3 weeks. I've never been in this situation before!!!! I depleted all my savings paying the $1000 a month I was spending in gas taking Jacob to hyperbaric and I have not been able to recover ever since. I can't seem to get caught up and I can't seem to get any money back in my account for emergencies. I am probably at my financial all time low right now (outside of the teenage McDonald's years) Income tax is coming soon right??? :-) God always provides and I will get by. I have wonderful friends and family that have and have offered to help me out, but I really hate owing money to people. I used to be the money lender not the borrower. :-( I already owe one friend $60 still and I owe my sister $200 still from getting my brakes fixed on the van. Oh well now that I have told the world how poor we are right now I will get on to something more positive. Oh by the way, I told them to push the surgery date back to a day Jack does not work and it will give me more time to come up with the money. Do normal working class people that make less than $70,000 a year with 3 kids just have money laying around? Why do doctors offices seem shocked when you tell them you can't drop almost $500 in 5 days? My goal next year is to save a percentage of each check in a different account to make our bills and mortgage just in case something happens one day.

Jack and a few other moms from our local parents of multiples group put together a Christmas Float for the Lakeland Christmas Parade. We started building it Wednesday afternoon and we had it completed at 5pm yesterday for the parade that started at 7pm. I don't think the float looked to bad for day 1/2 of work and hardly any budget at all. Plus it was the 1st float we ever built and used donated equipment. The float was less than $200 combined. Only 4 families road on the float. We put it in the parade with the hopes of attracting new parents to join our group. Our group may be small, but the parents that truly wanted to be involved are great.

Just wanted to let everyone know that after I ranted about our finances..Jack just called and told me he had a $320 check in his box at work. It was the Christmas bonus they were told they were not getting. It may not pay for the surgery, but it may just save us so we can pay out bills next pay check. God always provides for me and I will always praise him no matter what this world brings my way. He held me in his arms when my children we born, he held me when Logan died, he continues to hold me and Jacob as we continue to struggle with his health, and he has never failed me providing for my needs. I can live without a lot of luxuries, but I can not live without my God.  I am blessed

Psalm 34:7-9

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them. Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Fear the LORD, you his saints, for those who fear him lack nothing. (NIV)

Pictures from the Parade stolen from CorySue's facebook page :-)

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