Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bye Bye...Uh-Ohhh

It's been me and the boys today. Jack works 8-8 today and Ava has been at school since 9am. The boys seen the Early Interventionist today from 9-11. Then it was baby nap time and mommy alone time. :-) The kids and me are going to the movies with my friends Jennifer and Dahlton tonight to see Tangled in 3D. Ava is going to get to where her "movie watching glasses" again and this will be the boys first movie theatre visit.

 Andrew has been quite the inquisitive one today. He is talking away. Today he said bye bye and uh-oh for the 1st time (well at least that I have heard). The PT brought a stander a few weeks ago, but I never put Jacob in it until today. Not sure I am liking it to much. You have to smash his hips and butt into the thing and put it as tight as I can to hold him up and eventually he still slides down until his chin is the only thing keeping his head above the padding and tray. I like his gait trainer better plus it fits him better. I had to put pillows and blankets in the other to stop him from flopping over. Andrew is currently over in the baby cage with Jacob. Jacob is in his gait trainer and Andrew is taking Jacob's glasses off and trying to figure out how to get him out.

Someone gave us a very special Christmas gift today. For us it is just another testimony of God's love and how he continues to provide our every need. :-)

Just thought I would post some pictures and videos I took today since I have nothing better to do :-)

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