Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Damn IUD!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Our Christmas this year was so blessed that my heart just melts thinking about it. Ava woke us up around 8am yelling that someone moved the "socks" that were hanging up. LOL Then I asked her if Santa came and she told me yeah he brought me a bike...and put presents and candy in my socks. :-) We enjoyed opening our gifts. Andrew was more interested in spinning the wheel on the bike than opening his gifts. Christmas Eve we went to Logan's grave. We burned candles in memory of him and sang some Christmas carols. It was Jack's idea. I felt kinda weird at first (it was dark a grave yard) but 6 songs later Ava was trying to catch things on fire and I felt pretty good. I actually felt joy this Christmas and no heart ache (for the most part..got a little teary once or twice). I celebrated Jesus birth and tried to bless others. I could not be sad that Logan was not with us, because I know his Christmas was much better than ours. :-)

I got a phone call yesterday from the GYN office saying that they were moving my surgery date from the 27th to the 6th of January. I went for my pre-op visit this morning. Paid them $489.32 then they tried to get the IUD out again...so after trying to rip my insides out once more..they still decided it was stuck. I signed a bunch of papers and then headed to the hospital for labs. I did a bunch of pre-admission papers and gave blood and now I'm done...never thought an IUD could be such trouble and the hospital told me since I was an employee that I was not required to pre-pay the hospital cost that is not covered...I was told I would be billed the difference after employee discounts and insurance pays...so I wonder how much that will cost? Oh well at least it will be out and hopefully I won't get pregnant to soon :-P

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