Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Picture

We went to Celebration, FL where it "snows" everynight until Christmas lol. While we were there we had our 1st family picture...and it happened to be with Santa. The picture did not turn out so great, but with a little photo editing I made it look half decent enough to put on some Christmas Cards. I made the cards at 2am and picked them up at Walgreens at 9am..gave the 1st one out at about a procrasinator catching up :-) Jacob is sick....again....he coughed for 6 hours strait last night. Poor baby has slept most of the day. I took him to the Dr. and their is nothing wrong just the same never ending congestion/cold symptoms he always has. I will leave you with some pictures of last nights adventures :-)


The 1st Family Christmas picture

My edited picture.

The picture on the Christmas Card with Logan added
My edited Logan :-)

Ava spinning in the bubble snow

My husband


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