Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Asking for prayers for Alison Church

I ask all who read this  to pray for little Alison Church tonight. Her parents are in the same place Jack and I were in January with Logan. The doctors are asking her parents to consider turning the ventilator off. She has been on a ventilator for 92+ days, she is having seizures, and low oxgen levels. Little Allie is still hanging on and her parents are asking for a miracle. May God hold them up no matter what happens.

This is the most recent facebook post from her mother Ericka Starr Church

-is torn...I can not believe it has come to this life or death in our hands, it does not seem right, are we interferring with god's will, Is Alison ready for this to be over or does she continue to fight, I have no answers, I am waiting for a sign any sign...

-our choice is hope...we will continue to hold on to hope.

-She was unresponsive to touch, voices and pretty much everything today. We believe it is the medication for the siezures. They started feeding her again. They have strongly suggested that we spend as much time with her as possible and do lots of kangroo care. The doctor arranged for us to have a hospital room for the weekend to be close as possible at all times.

-Her oxygen staturation is still challenging. Even on high levels of oxygen she is struggling to stat above 70's. She did not do as well being held today as yesterday. I asked the doctor if he has ever seen a baby as sick as Alison surviv...e. He said he had but they were not children that could run up and hug you or even call you by name. He said Alison is as sick as you can be and still be alive. The siezures are concerning and new but her lung disease is the biggest challenge related to survivial. Kevin and I have not met anyone that has had a baby on a vent this long that has survived. So that is concerning. The doctor said he has seen babies go home on ventilators. Kevin told the doctor that he was not ready to give up or take her off the ventilator. I told the doctor that was a decision I did not want to have to make. He said that when he felt that she was suffering more than gaining he would tell us. We found comfort in that although that could be tonight, tomorrow or even a month for now. We have to live hour to hour. Our paster visited Alison today we missed him by moments I found comfort in that.

-My girls have showed me and many others that there is so much goodness in the world despite all the bad that we often tend to focus on. So many prayers, love, support, donations and more have come from the most unexpected places. And we want everyone to know that we would not have had the time with our girls without it. So many people have helped with Kaitlyn, drove us to the hospital, put gas in our cars, paid bills because of work we have missed but most importantly our employers have allowed us to be with each other and our girls without any threat of losing our jobs I have much love for everyone and all though we can never repay you we thank god for you everyday.

-They are not referring to any of this as improvement and continue to focus on how sick she is and that they have done everything they can medically. The doctor wants to be as honest as he can with us at this point so we can see the big pic...ture. It is important to have hope but it is essential to understand the medical state of your child. I have taken several pictures of Alison but have not taken my camera the last couple of visits...I jsut do not want to remember her how she has looked the last couple of days. Although the doctors fear the worst and prepare us for it they always hope they are wrong just as we do. Alison loves to prove them wrong...

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