Thursday, December 23, 2010

How Great is Our God!

A Christmas miracle has happened to our family this season and I am humbled by what my community, particularly the law enforcement community has done for our family. The past year and half has been hard emotionally and financially, but we have gotten by. This will be are first Christmas without Logan, but God's love continues to pour his love down over my family. God blankets us in peace and comfort. He continues to hold us in his arms and protects us. I am blessed. My family is truly blessed.

I just want to send out at HUGE Thank You to Groveland Police Department, Polk County Sheriff's office, and all the local Police Departments that came through for our family in a big was this season. I feel undeserving as their are so many other families that are worse off than us, but I am so grateful that through the giving hearts of our law enforcement community our families needs are being met. Those who have blessed my family in the past few years are never forgotten and are very close to my heart. I pray each and everyone one of your families is blessed this year as you have all done for mine. I would also like to give a special Thank You to Heather @ PCSO for taking the time to do what you did for us.

Coming into the new year I do have a few prayer request for all who read this. As those who follow my blog know that Jacob's medical issues are a constant battle. I just ask that you keep him in your prayers in the new year. Please pray that his seizure activity comes under control and that he starts to gain use of his body. I hope by this time next year I see a different Jacob. I would love to see him eat by mouth again, roll over, sit, and maybe even reach for things. Jacob is a blessing in our lives no matter what he does or does not achieve. I love my children so much and know that God gave each one of them to me for their own special reasons and I will continue to live each day with them knowing how blessed we truly are.

I hope everyone has a blessed holiday season. Merry Christmas from The Gunter Family.

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