Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We are now up to 3 hospitalization in 6 months

The day started out not so bad...Jacob had a better night and actually slept. Yesterday he held down hardly any of his feeds . So, a late night call to the on call pediatrician and a bottle of pediatlite and we were good to go. I started him on a continuous feed of pedialite at 30cc an hour after he went to sleep. Prior to bedtime, I was on my 7th vomit bath of the day from him. This morning i finally got ahold of the GI doctor. They had me come in and worked us in for us to see the nurse practitioner fairly quickly. After explaining this recent illness to her I got the dreaded words, "Well, I think we are going to admit him to give him some fluids and work him up to see what is going on." I seriously was expecting to go and them be like here is prescription number 11 to add to your list.

She tells us this as Jack and I have both babies ,Ava and my nephew Gavin who are all also ill. Gavin and Ava were in the process of seeing who can hit who harder and scream louder. We wait and wait and wait in the room until they had a bed for us. Then we waited in admissions for another life time, then finally get the okay to go our room. Room 803 we get there and they are still cleaning it, so we go to the lobby and wait some more. Gavin and Ava continue to try and injure each other and are now screaming they want purple candy...referring to the purple pack of skittles in the vending machine. 30 minutes later the room is ready.

We go through all the admission questions and get Jacob to sleep. At this point we are waiting for my sister Tricia to get mine and her spawns. We attempted to feed the kids. Jack ditches me to "move the cars" where he apparently meets up with Tricia and they went and visited with Jacob while I unknowingly waited in the cafeteria with THE SPAWNS and no cell phone! BTW at this point Ava and Gavin are biting each other. Oh and while we are eating Ava points out to me this larger man with his bottle of hot sauce who just sat down to eat. She points with her finger "Mom that is a big guy. Why is he so big? He eats ALOT of food! Mommy he is fat! The guy looks over at me and asks what she is saying. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED. He told her he was big because he was a football player :-)

Tricia takes the SPAWNS home. i go back up to the room to find nurses sticking my baby with needles. 8 tries later they get the IV in. The on call seen him to. His official diagnoses for admission was aspiration pneumonia, but the doctor seems to think that all his recent issues are related to a viral throat infection. He said it explains all of his symptoms. Nothing they are doing is going to stop the non stop daily reflux though. I discussed with him about a nissan, but he simply said, well maybe one day he will need it. So apparently he will just let him continue to reflux and aspirate into his lungs until he gets REALLY REALLY sick. When is enough enough. I don't want my son to have a major surgery either, but apparently there is no other way to stop the reflux conscious feeds have not even helped!

Currently Jacob is asleep, Tricia has the kids, and we are looking at a possible 2-3 day hospital stay. Maybe we will be lucky and leave tomorrow. Jack and I are going to escape now eat eat dinner. I'll keep everyone posted.

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  1. So sorry to hear Jacob is in the hospital. Hopefully he has a very short stay and everyone else gets better soon!