Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm happy to announce...........

I'm sitting here with 5 children 2 which are sick. Jack is being such a good daddy/uncle and is in the kitchen with the 3 big kids teaching them how to make cake. :-) Andrew who crawls all over the house and pulls up on everything officially just sat up from laying for the 1st time! (well, that I have seen at least) I'm such a horrible mom. I also just notice that he has beat Jacob in the tooth department. He now has 4 teeth on top 4 on mom. It's not like the 2 bottom teeth just cut through the gums either they are in far enough that they have been there at least a week or 2. I need to pay more attention to him, but he is such a good boy and feeds himself.

Jacob still has 2 on the bottom 4 on top. I sadly report that he is getting very very sick. I have a gut feeling it may be RSV this time. It is not like his normal sicky. Normally it is sinus like. This time it hit suddenly yesterday afternoon with a fever. Now it is deep in his chest. He sounds very wet. He has a rattling cough and very thick white snot. (I knew you needed a visual) I have not even attempted to feed him liquids by mouth. He has been vomiting almost daily. His pediatrician called today. We talked about his hyperbaric therapy and I explained his new sicky to her. So, he has an appointment 1st thing in the morning at 8am. (Sure I think I can handle one more appointment tomorrow :-/) No vomiting today yet. He is been very quite sitting in his Rifton chair just looking around for about an hour.

THANKS GOD FOR SCHOOL TOMORROW! Each day I think of how awesome it would be to send Ava to school full time. I think $480 a month is still to steep for my pockets to do this, so I will patiently wait until next school year when she will be in VPK. Man the day is easier without hearing the princess announce her demands all day with her nonstop whining.

Well it is time to get the kids cleaned and ready for quite time. My sister should be here to get her offspring around 10pm

Oh and early steps called and said someone was willing to pick Jacob up for speech therapy since Julie is out until Novemeber1st, but have not heard anything else about it.

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  1. I ran across your blog and I am so sorry for your loss. I myself was pregnant with triplets once and the 2 identical ones had TTTS and I lost them in the womb. I carried my daughter till I was 21 1/2 weeks. I gave birth to her on Fathers Day 2010 and she passed away a few minutes later. They were invitro babies. I am in the middle of another round of invitro now and will implant in only a few weeks. I had suffered 2 pregnancies prior to losing the triplets. All 5 of my children are in Heaven. I had named my daughter Annabelle Nevaeh (Nevaeh being Heaven spelled backwards). Again Im so sorry for your loss. May God Bless you and your family. Your other children are beautiful!