Monday, September 13, 2010

4 dives down 56 more to go...

Last week absolutely flew by!!! The drive to St. Petersburg has not been so bad averaging 50 minutes or so. Jacob cried 2 time the entire time and slept through 2 times. They started putting a nasal cannula on his face while he is in the chamber. I have still yet to go in with him. My sister has been in 3 times with him and Jack once. I think I am going to get Jack to take him tomorrow by himself, so I can get some stuff done around her.

Jacob started getting sick again tonight. Same old, Same old crap. Fever, not eating, and vomiting. He did great yesterday and this afternoon he decided to be sick. I am clueless what to do for him anymore. All I know is this prior to the g-tube and zantac he did NOT vomit every week, ever few days, every day etc... I could have counted on my hands how many times he vomited prior to g-tube. He has been having alot more "spastic"/"reflux"/pain moments. His feeding has been worse in the past month than it has been EVER. I am lucky to get him to eat 4 or 5 oz at a time in less than an hour. He has not tolerated baby food in days. Ugh! I almost give up, but I can't!!! I have not noticed a difference with the glasses or the hyperbaric yet. I will be patient and optomistic still :-) I have to or I will go crazy!

This weekend (esp. Saturday) was HELL. There is no other words to describe "Cerner go live" for the weekend crew. What I mean by this, is that the ER  I work in has offically switched from paper charting to computer charting. The attempted to go Live with the system on this pasted Wednesday and it failed after a few hours. They spent Thursday trying to fix it and I guess offically went live on Friday. So has you can imagine by the time I got to work Saturday morning . The system had not been up in running for even 24 hours at this point was HELL. An angry bitchy side of me came out that I did not know I had. I can't even explain how many times I wanted to throw the damn computer on the ground and step on it. I picked up most of the program easily after a few hours, but every single time I went to chart or do ANYTHING on the laptop chart thing it would freeze up, this made for a VERY long day and the patients sufferend due to delay in car because I had to fight with the computer to know what the orders were. The day was getting better by 4pm. I left early at 530 to go to Jack's 10 year high school reunion. (side not: I was okay, but not worth the $90 it cost to go) Anyways, today was much better. The computer (atleast the one I had) did not freeze up nonstop and I had a routine down to get myself back in the swing of things. I hate that the program has like 15 different ways to do things and then 1 person tells you to do it one way and someone else comes behind them and tells you they were wrong. I wish they would hurry up and come up with a policy for the low paid nurses (LPN) vs. the real nurse (RN) who can do what thing. One minutes I am told it is okay to do this action and then 2 minutes later it is one of the 7 deadly sins.I know I hardly make since, but it is 1222 am right now and the past week of my life has taken alot out of me, so I suppose I should go make sure Jacob A. has not vomited B. As not aspirated his vomit, C. is not still running a fever and D. is still asleep Oh and I have to turn him like I do every 3 or 4 hours. It would suck not be able to turn myself :-(

PS I love taking Ava to school!!!!!

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