Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jacob's big day HBOT and glasses

Today was the big day. Jacob did his 1st of 60 dives in the Hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Then, we drove from St. Petersburg to Winter Haven and picked up Jacob's 1st pair of glasses. My sister came along with me today. It was great and it passed the time quickly. It has been quite the long day. We were running late leaving so I let my sister drive. Everyone should yell at her. She made an 1hr and 15 minute drive turn into an almost 45 minute drive :-) Lakeland to St. Pete in 45 minutes is just not good LOL Anyways, I was feeling kinda self concious about getting in the chamber with Jacob, I decided I was to fat. So Tricia went instead. She has informed me that I should fit just fine. :-)

Ava had a good day at school apparently they had their 1st ballet lesson today. She never really tells me what she does at school when I ask. Instead, she drills me and asks me what I learned today. She 1st told me she went "PEE PEE IN THE POTTYYYYYY!" Then she said she learned how to move her body in ballet when I asked her if she danced. The she told me she learned how to color orange and finally I asked her what she sang today. She ignores me and about 5 minutes later she bust out "GOD IS A GREAT BIG GOD" over and over again but when she was saying it, it sounded more like "God is a great big guy." She is to cute. When I ask he where God is she tells me he is always at teh doctors with Logan. :'-( tear and when I ask her where the doctor is she says "HEAVEN!"

Andrew tagged along with us today. He was a very good boy for the most part and kept his whining to a minimum. He is playing in his baby cage now. He loves pulling himself up on stuf all the time. He pulls himself to his knees mostly and sits on his feet. He still can not sit up on his own from laying without pulling himself up on something.
The HBOT Chamber. Trica and Jacob had just gotten in it and it was not enflated yet

Trica and Jacob after they got it up to pressure. Tricia said her ears kept popping and Jacob was screaming and she could not get him to suck on the pacifier.

Keeping Jacob happy :-)

Jacob's new glasses. He hates them.

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