Thursday, September 23, 2010

My daughter was a very BAD girl today!

Time for a few updates. We will start with the hyperbaric therapy. We did our 8th dive today. Jacob seems to be tolerating them well. Still the one thing that I have blogged about before is still thing thing I am entirely tickled about. HE LOOKS AT ME! I MEAN REALLY LOOKS AT ME!. I love it. The changes I have seen so far are minimal and people that are not around him every day may not notice any change, but. He seems to me more cognitive. He is less spastic, I talk to him he looks at me, not past me like he used to. Before glasses/HBOT he usually only turned his attention toward the brightest light in the room. Not that he still does not do this, but when I am holding him. He looks at me, he looks right in my eyes even without his glasses on. He was standing in his walker today w/o his glasses and he turned his head and followed me with his head/eyes everywhere I went. He continues to improve with his head control. Especially standing in his walker. Anytime his head does fall back. He corrects himself and puts his arms up on his hand grips to support himself. The EI was working with him today and she said she felt that he had better tone in his lower back, that he needed less support while she was trying to get him to sit. He is feeding very well, and his sicky only lasted a little more than a week vs. A MONTH! Could it all be coincidental? Yes, but I am still going to give it a chance. The people that open their home for this treatment truly believe in its benefits! We still have the rest of this month and all of next to see what happens. It hard to say what is really helping he got his glasses and started HBOT the same day, but he only wears the glasses a few hours a day (HE HATES THEM) and I still see an improvement when they are not on. I did go to Wal*mart today and picked out a new pair of Diego frames for him. the medal kind that hook behind his ears and have a nose piece to keep them in place. The frames and lens were only $107. It will be so worth it not to wear the "silly band" goggle glasses that don't sit right on his face and leave impressions in his forehead.

These are the glasses we bough him (I think) They should be ready in a week

Andrew is doing WONDERFUL! He continues to pull up on everything. I think he spends more time standing and hold on to furniture then he does crawling anymore. He breaks my heart when he stands up in his crib and makes the cry sad face when it is time for bed. :-( He has finally learned to sit up. I find him sitting up all the time now instead of flopping on his stomach all the time. LOL I've been trying to teach him to clap his hands together and instead he smacks his hands on his tray (while sitting in his high chair) and he claps his feet together LOL!!! Anyways he is doing wonderful. He is even saying "da-da,da-de-da" even clearer and still follows me around the house crawling and usually crying saying "ma-ma-ma" Tonight he was doing his tired cry and said "night-night-night" with a nuhnuhnuhnuh at the end :-)

So now onto why Ava was very BAD today!
Ava wears pull ups when she sleeps still. She has a very annoying habit of dropping her pull up where ever she feels lead. Usually this occurs in the middle of my bedroom floor, or on the sides of the bed so that when you go to get up in the morning you step in a nice warm wet diaper. She also decides that he 1st morning pee has to be on the floor and not the toilet most of the time. Nothing like stepping in a warm pile of piss in the morning. I spank her, yell, bribe, talk nicely etc. She the gives me her "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings mommy and pee pee on the floor." BS! I decided today! 2 free toilets in the house this morning. She was pissed that she had to go to school. we even woke up late! She usually make it in our room half way though the night and that is where I found her when I woke up this morning. I went to the bathroom to get dressed this morning, Jack went to the kitchen to get babies bottles and meds ready, and Ava was still laying in bed. I come out and hear Ava in he "club house" (this is the small space in between the wall, Jack's side of the bed and his night stand) and Ava's diaper was in the middle of my bedroom floor. I walk over to Jack's side of the bed to see what she is doing. Ava does not see me. She is laying on her back with her butt under the bed. She is covering herself with the bed skirt. I ask her what see is doing. She is startled and jumps a little making the bed skirt move. SHE WAS FREAKING PISSING UNDER MY BED! WTF WHO THE HELL PISSED UNDER A BED! WHAT A BEOTCH! THERE IS NO WAY THAT WAS AN "ACCIDENT" SHE DIS THAT ON PURPOSE. HER ROTTEN LITTLE ASS WAS NOT GETTING HER WAY SO I GUESS SHE DECIDES TO TEACH US A LESSON BY PISSING ON OUR STUFF ON OUR BED! Lucky for me it was Jack's stuff he stores over there not mine I snatch her up, beat her ass, and make her go sit on the toilet. Then of course she comes out withe her "I'm sorry" stuff. Then I explain to her that she can't do stuff like that because she is mad etc.. the she repeat it back to me in that I didn't know tone of voice. Now tomorrow I bet I will find a diaper on the floor and piss somewhere when she get up. Is it wrong to rub her nose in it? J/K I seriously don't know what to do about it. I'm going to start taking stuff away from her that she likes a teenager if this rebellious disobedient behavior does not stop! I was just stunned that was the 1st time I seen her do something so disrespectful to us that obviously took thought process to conceive the idea to pee under the bed onto someoneelses belongings!

Okay I think I am done with this rant now. :-)

Not sure if I posted any of these already They were taken By Tamara Gibsob from Fishey Face Studios

My Angel Ava

My model :-)

My babies Andrew, Ava, and Jacob

Jacob and Ava. She loves him.

He thinks he is an adult LOL

Sleeping Angel

Happy Boy Jacob

Shhhh! He's hunting rabbits LOL

Now he going to catch them. :-)

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