Saturday, September 18, 2010

and the sicky spreads

So, I'm home with 2 sick babies and Jack is at St. Joseph still with our other sick baby. Jacob did not tolerate feeds yesterday (well, atleast 1 of them) so this morning his actual GI doctor came in to see him. he is going to be on continuous g-tube feeds today at 40cc hr and nothing by mouth and I guess they will move up from there. There is no end in site for him coming home as of today. She said they are going to keep him until he tolerates full feeds w/o vomiting. The only things that came back apparently is Rhino virus (a cold) and herpangina aka Hand, foot, and mouth disease (throat infection w/ blisters) both are viral things that usually school age kids get and is very contagious from one kid to another. Seemingly this is why Ava, Gavin, Michael, and Andrew are also all sick with fevers and barking coughs. With Jacobs CP and uncontrolled GERD simple viral infections were just to much to keep him out of the hospital :-( Oh a good note, even with all the vomiting there was no signs of any aspiration pneumonia.
I have called off for the weekend, so I will spend the weekend giving breathing treatments, sucking snot nose, and disinfecting the house over, and over, and over again. I swear these kids are going in bubbles!

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  1. Sounds miserable, hope things start to get better soon!!