Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HBOT date is set

We have an offical date for Jacob to have his HBOT. We start September 7th. Monday-Friday for 60 dives. Ugh this is going to take a lot of gas and time. It is worth it though even if it makes the smallest difference. I am willing to try anything no matter what I have to do to give Jacob the best chance of any function possible with his brain injury.

He was suppose to go tomorrow morning to have the skin tag on his ear removed. He was coughing a little on Monday with his normal congestion. I decided since he just got over another major sicky it was not worth the risk of setting him back anymore by putting him under more anesthesia for a vanity issue. I will wait a while to do it. When I initially scheduled to have it removed, I did not realize they were going to do it in the hospital under general anesthesia IT IS JUST A FREAKING SKIN TAG ON HIS EAR. Geeeezzz! Once he is 2 they can do it at the surgery center. Don't know if I will wait that long.....maybe I will who knows. I think I need to wait until he has been consistently well for more than a few weeks at a time.

Nothing new is happening. Jacob is feeding a little better than the last few weeks. I tried baby food with him fore the 1st time in a week or more and he spit it out and cried. Andrew is still a fat little baby developing an attitude problem. He has been throwing things when he does not want them.

My good friend Jill is keeping the boys Monday and Tuesday next week so we can have a mini vacation in Daytona with Ava and my friend Jennifer and her son Josh. I am SOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

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