Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ava has a monster hand and Jacob's monthly ER visit

The past few days have been CRAZY. All the kids are still SICK. I seriously need bubbles for them. Jacob was so sick on Saturday night he could not eat by mouth without gagging. He ended up with mostly g-tube feeding though the weekend. Saturday night he vomited A LOT! He also vomited Sunday and Monday. He seen the pediatrician on Monday. She put him on an antibiotic and suggested I not feed him by mouth for 2 more days. He was wheezing and very congested. Tuesday night after I finished his g-tube feed he had the most scary vomiting episode. It was about 20 minutes after his feed and he was sitting in his high chair. He was very spastic on Tuesday. He had a lot of arching and seemingly uncontrolled music. His gums were swollen and he has not cute the tip of both K9 teeth. Anyways he was keeping his head arched back alot and I heard him gagging. I just up to find vomit coming out the side of his mouth with his head back. I fling him forward he inhales deep, gags and then vomits across the room. My heart was pounding I was sure he had just aspirated vomit into his lungs and was just waiting for him to go into distress. He coughed for 10 minutes pretty hard, but seemed fine. I called the GI doctor just to ask if I was doing something wrong he was not vomiting when I was feeding him with a bottle, but now suddenly g-tube feedings he is vomiting? She told me to slow his feeding over 2 or 3 hours or just do continuous feeds. I chose to put him on continuous feed at 40cc hr per the MD. 1 1/2 later he was vomiting again. GI doc told me if he vomited again to take him to ER. So I called my sister she came to watch the kids. Jack left work. Long story short their, we got to the ER at 11 and left around 3am. He did have another infiltrate in the right upper lobe. Once again they were not sure if this was a pneumonia or bronchitis. NO fever, NO elevated white blood cell count, NO oxygen saturation drops he stayed 98-100%, No urine issues. NO wheezing! SO this is wonderful, but because he had been sick over a week and he did have the spot in his lungs they are treating him as if he has pneumonia and they changed his antibiotic. Like a magic wand...NO vomiting since I left for the ER. He has been gagging still, but seems to be doing a little better.

I started feeding him by mouth again today. He finished a 8oz bottle for me this morning. He was in a good mood and actually ate baby food from a SPOON! He actually did not fight me and he swallowed it for the most part and did not tongue it out of his mouth.

Now for Ava and THE MONSTER HAND. After being up till near 4am with Jacob we wake up and Ava tells me her hand is hurting. I glance at it and tell her its fine, then she like look mom. I take a second look and I like HOLEY CRAP! Her hand was HUGE. I called the doctor, had to make a follow up appt for Jacob anyway. They said they wanted to see her. A few hours late we sat in the doctors office by now she is swollen to her elbow. I can't even describe how Swollen it was..I did take pictures, but don't have time to load them right now. The doctor is shocked when she sees it. No sign of a bite and no sign of trauma. They send us to get it x-rayed just in case...they were normal. They send us home to elevate it, Ice it, and give her Claratin and Zyrtec. By the end of the day she had developed his HUGE blistered between her 2nd and 3rd finger. I went on a midnight run to Wal-mart with my sister and Ava joined use, because she had taken a 3 hour nap earlier that day. My sister looks at the blister and said she thinks she got stung between her finger. There was this little brown thing that looked like a splinter inside the blister. I've never been stung and had a stinger left so I had no idea! My sister takes it upon herself to pop the blister with the idea it would help get rid of the venom. I guess that did the trick. When I came home and put her to bed, I woke up this morning and her hand was half the size it was before she went to bed. She had a follow up today and they said they don't think she needs anymore meds or ice. It is still swollen but she can move her fingers again.

Well I am off to my 1st Zumba class now I will post some pictures later.

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