Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jack is getting an award

Just a few quick updates. 1st off apparently Jack is going to be officer of the year for Lake County. Not sure if this is for the entire county or just his department. He gets his award on the 16th of July. I'm proud of him. He had a rough year and stood strong the entire time. He worked to support his family even though our lives were turned upside down. I love him...even though he is still crazy :-)

Jacob will now see physical therapy 2x a week Speech therapy 2x a week, Early interventionist 2x a week and Vision therapist for at least 1x a week. We are going to do hyperberic oxygen therapy the entire months of September and October

Andrew is going to start seeing the Early Interventionist 1x a week to help him catch up better

 We are going to see a Vision Specialist doctor in the up coming weeks to see how much vision Jacob does or does not have.

Potty Training with Ava is going well. I just stopped buying diapers. We are going on almost a week now. She has had good and bad day. Today she has only had 1 accident.

All the kids are sick. Andrew and Ava are mid-sickness they have had cold symptoms for a week or so
Jacob is not coughing and congested. He doesn't want to eat. I have used the g-tube more in 2 days than I have since he had it placed. :-( He is cutting a top k9 tooth though. His gums are sore.

I clean out the baby cage last night. It is mobile baby proof now and Andrew has quite enjoyed crawling around in the cage to day playing with his toys. Will post pictures of the beast in his cage later lol

That's all for now

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