Monday, July 12, 2010

Jacob's 1st Hair Cut

Preparing for the upcoming photo session I am hoping to have with the boys and Ava, I decided to have Jacob's hair cut. He did very well. His hair was cut on Friday, July 9, 2010 :-) He is also cutting his top left K9 tooth. He is still sick and has required tube feeding for every feeding for the past 4 days. I took him to see his pediatrician today. She said he is wheezing and is putting him on antibiotics again due to his congestion and wheezing. Andrew and Ava are also still sick.

Before the cutBefore the cutDuring the cutThe finished productWhat a cute boy with his new hair cut!

Jacob also seen the facial surgeon today regarding his skin tag on his right ear. He goes on July 28th to have it removed. I was shocked when he told me he had to go under anesthesia to have it taken off and be admitted to the hospital for same day surgery. WOW! I thought they would numb it and remove it in the office like the dermatologist does the HUGE moles that grow on my scalp.

That is pretty much the biggest things going on. Andrew is doing wonderful crawling and entertaining himself. He is starting to feed himself table food instead of pureed baby food.

Ava is on week 2 of no diapers at all during today. She has been doing wonderful until today. She has not used the toilet once today to the point when we were in public after the 2nd time she peed in an hour I put a size 3 baby diaper on her butt. Then she comes home and pees in the house and pooped in the bath tub!

Jack and I have been fighting A LOT over the passed week. Apparently he does not understand how I feel and he don't think he talks to me in any disrespectful way..and he thinks the same about me. So we have been at each others throats the past few days. He is back in his miserable "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me" mood because he is on night shift I suppose and once again who gets the brunt of his anger and stupidity ME! I am SO very tired of his mood swings and negativity I actually thought of a plan for leaving him today. Though the thoughts of separating have been more frequent than ever, I feel like I can't give up hope on our marriage yet. Him seeing a psychiatrist is my last hope. If I endure another 6 months of this shit me and the kids are gone. He keeps telling me I am not taking HIS kids and that if I am going to leave the kids are not going. WRONG! How the hell does he think he will care for the kids and work. What is he going to quit his job? Ugh I am getting pissed just think about it. I guess Jacob would starve or he would be dependent on g-tube feedings since he can never get him to eat. Is he going to be home for all Jacob's physical therapy, Dr. appts, speech therapy appts etc.. NO! I am the one who has a job that makes it capable for me to work and care for his special needs. I would never deny him his children, but he pisses me off that apparently I don't deserve the right to have my kids if I leave him! If we separated I would let him have the kids every day he was off if he wanted. He could have them before he went to work if he wanted. I'm just sick of him trying to control every aspect of my life and the "violations" If I don't want to do something at the same time he does it is a "violation" If I am in his presence and on the computer it is a "violation" Talking on the phone cell phone or house on his days off or before he goes to work it is a "violation" The house not being exactly how he left it before he went to work even though there are 3 kids here and I get tired too after having them 24 hrs a day 5 days a week is a "violation" ETC nothing is ever good enough unless I am spending every free moment cleaning the house and not spending money. The way I dress is not good enough, my hair is not good enough etc....Now when he reads this I will get bitched at again that I am "husband bashing him" and that none of this is true. By no means and I an angel, but damn I know I am not as hard on him as he is me! Okay my venting is over.

I even caught crap today about signing up for YMCA to try to make our lives better. To get us out of the house, to get us away from the kids for an hour, to relieve stress, to help make us healthier. In his eyes it is all about the money and of course they purposely don't have the kid care hours when he wants them to be, just because of him apparently. Ugh I'm done now. My happy blog turned into a bitchy blog oh well. At least their is cute pics of Jacob's hair cut.

I caught Ava doing this and she was screaming for me not to take her pictureThis is from Ava's photo session she did of Andrew LOL She has fingers in almost every picture she took.

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