Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I finally made the "baby book"

I just finished editing and ordering my very expensive "baby book" I have been working on it for a month or so making it all fit just right. The first 131 post and 531 pictures have been compiled into "Mother of a Toddler and Triplets" the book by Jennifer Gunter LOL I found a coupon online that took $9.99 off so It only cost like $50 to make instead of $60. I was going to have 3 printed then I changed my mind to 1. LOL If I really lik the hardcovered printed version I will keep that for me and have 2 more paperback copies made.

Jacob seems to be doing better since yesterday. We stopped the tube feeds yesterday morning and he has been eating by mouth ever since. He is not eating as much as he should be, but I am just going to let him work himself back up. No vomiting since Monday or was it Tuesday morning I can't remember, but I think it was Monday. He seen the vision therapist yesterday as well. She said she thinks he is definantly atleast seeing light. She gave me one of those toys that has the lights that spin around and make different designs etc. When you put it in his face he stops what he is doing looks at it then his eyes cross in LOL. I could not help myself I continued to show him the toy all night. The thing hurts my eyes when I look at it to long. I'm glad he does not have seizures from flashing lights... I was excited that he does NOT live in a black world with no light. I'm begining to except this new handicap. I continue to hope it improves over time. The lady that will be seeing him has never had a CVI baby or a CP this should be interesting. She is suppose to get me and herself more info on CVI. He is suppose to see the eye doctor that will assess his vision again in mid-August. Jacob is still on the Cleocin and it is tearing his butt up! I feel so bad for him no amount of diaper rash cream and powder is a match for his acid poop.

Andrew and Ava have been asleep for several hours...this could be very bad. It is 9:17 at night and this when i ususally put them to bed. I think this will be a very long night when Ava is ready to party at 11pm. She is sleeping on my couch with no diaper...I have a feeling there will be a wet surprise when she get up. Dang it! Jack just clean the couches Monday morning before the party.

I don't know if I mentioned it previously but both boys have 4 teeth. They have the bottom 2 middle teeth and the tips of the top K-9 teeth are coming in on both babies. This is weird I thought they were suppose to get their front teeth next. Oh well. I'm glad things are looking up in the past 2 days. I also do not know if I have mentioned signing up at the YMCA. I have a goal over the next few weeks to get organized and have a schedule that includes exercise. I want to schedule some of the exercise classess they offer every week just like I do all Jacob's Therapy. Next week the boys pediatrician will be back from vacation, so I will get to schedule their 1 year old check ups. I think that is all for now. I am home with the kids tonight while Jack works. His foot still hurts from trying to climb the water slide and falling. It is sad I still find this amusing...even though he is truely hurt..I have been working in the ER to long.

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